3 Ways to Use a Secret Room in Your Custom Home

September 15, 2016

Everyone wanted to find the secret way to Narnia as a child. Now you can create that room filled with surprise and wonder for you and or your children by creating a secret room in your own home.

Reading Nook

For the bookworms, you can always create a fun and cozy book nook to relax and learn. There is nothing quite like being able to escape into your own little world while you read. Even making a small closet or storage unit a book nook can be just what your child, or you, need to understand the endless adventures of reading.

If you are building a new home this is the perfect time to create a small reading nook away from the rest of the world. This way it can be whatever, size, shape, or theme you want it to be. Now there are plenty of homes with secret spots and contractors are always happy to work out plans for your own little reading escape. Just be sure to be specific and it will be in the building plans in no time.

Hidden Storage

Every home could use a little more storage here and there. A secret room for storage can be the perfect solution to a garage full of decorations or a closet jam-packed with off-season clothing. While you may have a small family or live on your own it is amazing how much we accrue throughout the years. Finding storage for off-season items or family mementos can be conveniently stored in a secret room. This can be a great solution for clutter or occasional but necessary items. It can also double as another pantry if it is in a temperature-controlled environment. What could be more convenient than having all the extra appliances or entertainment pieces safe and all in one place?

Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is a great addition to homes if you have the space and the taste for it. Wine cellars have always been a beautiful and mysterious place in film, literature, and art. Why not bring a piece of that into your home? If you want to have a wine cellar it is best to make sure the room is temperature-controlled or will always be around 55 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep the wine cool and fresh. You may also want to consider the type of wood you will use to store the bottles. While oak and mahogany are often popular you may want to stick with traditional Redwood or Pine. They will maintain temperature as well as the other choices and can be just as beautiful.