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Weekly Roundup

by Kuhrich on Friday, October 18, 2013

Since I know for a fact that you’ve been on the edge of your seat anticipating this week’s Weekly Roundup, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Today we’re going to talk about some interior design advice as well as some interesting new products.

First things first, let’s look at a new kitchen appliance that has been getting some pretty favorable reviews. LG has recently released a French door cabinet depth refrigerator from their Studio line with a great new Door-in-Door feature. This easily accessible 3rd door provides a great place to store drinks and snacks that can be quickly and conveniently grabbed on-the-fly. Here’s a video that shows how it works. This unit also has a pullout freezer on the bottom with a decent amount of storage capacity.

Now on to design. While visiting HouseBeautiful.com, I came across this great slide show that discusses 101 decorating secrets from a number of famous and successful interior designers. Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to read through these slides. You’ll walk away with some great and relevant design advice on living spaces throughout your home.

Last on the list is another interesting new product. Brinks Home Security, mostly known for their security system solutions, has a new knob and lever series that could prove to be really handy for the entry doors in your home that receive the most traffic. Basically, once you unlock the knob or lever, you can either push, pull or rotate it to open the door. For example, If you have your hands full of groceries, you can just back up to the knob and use your hip or butt to push it open. Here’s a video if you want to see it in action. If you want to get your hands on this product, you can purchase it by visiting Lowe’s at one of their stores or their website.


+Ken Uhrich is lead Estimator and Purchaser at Custom Home Group, a Design/Build company, located in Lancaster County, PA. You can follow Ken on Twitter: @kuhrich Or visit his company website: www.customhomegroup.com