What To Include When Designing Your Home Office

March 27, 2013

For some, all that’s needed for a home office is one end of the kitchen table so you can pay bills. However, for many, a home office serves many uses. It isn’t only a place to work, it’s a place to have some alone time, a place to focus and concentrate and, at times, even a place to relax. When it comes to designing your custom home office, tailoring it to your needs will be the primary goal as for virtually anyone with a home office, function trumps form. But not by much.

If you work from home or spend as much time working at home as you do either on the road or in a real office, then you’ll need a home office that provides you with every bit of function that your job requires. Computers, internet access, printers, possibly a fax machine, even though email is far more popular, desk space, shelf space, filing cabinets, a great desk chair and possibly chairs for visitors are all definite necessities in a modern office.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to be trapped in corporate chrome and glass unless that’s your particular style since that does make for a light and airy office area. Since this is your dream office, having it done completely in hardwoods and leather or even period luxury such as the 20’s or 50’s can be the environment you find most conductive to efficient progress.

While designing your home office is easy when you’re building a new home, it isn’t much more difficult when remodeling since the only real requirement for most home offices is electrical connectivity. With wireless internet connections, wireless TV connections and the proliferation of cell phones as the main phone, no other special wiring is necessary with the possible exception of a hardwired landline. This means placing lighting, power for equipment and other needs is relatively straightforward.

This means building in the functionality of your home office is easy so creating the rest of your office around your main work area becomes more a matter of form. You can bring in the styling cues you want and still have the functionality you need, giving you a home office design that will be the best of both worlds. When designing your home office, you don’t have to settle or cut corners anymore.