What You Want in a Master Bedroom from Floor to Ceiling

August 21, 2014

The master bedroom of your home is where you will spend quite a bit of time, more than you would ever imagine. After all, you sleep there; that’s at least a third of your life, if not more. (Some of us like to sleep in or take naps!) You also end up reading, browsing the web, and spending time with your spouse there; it’s also something of an anteroom to your day. It’s where you wake up, it’s where you go to sleep, it sets the mood for you for the day, week, and month to come.

What You Want in a Bedroom

When you think about your master bedroom that way, every little detail starts to matter a lot more. What color is the carpeting? How does it match with the trim and the drapes? How is the lighting arranged? And of course, the furniture is a huge factor; if its color and design doesn’t match everything else, the whole room will look off – and you’ll be waking up to that every morning. Speaking of what you’re waking up to every morning, however, consider what you see when you open your eyes: your ceiling. You didn’t consider your master bedroom’s ceiling, did you? But it is, in fact, a very important element of design in your bedroom.

Of course, you want to determine what the focal point of the room is going to be. For some master bedrooms, it is a desk – for work or just for home matters – or an area made for sitting. For others, it is the bed itself, and for yet others, it is the vanity or dressers. There are many focuses for a bedroom, but the ceiling should help to accentuate the idea that said area is your bedroom’s focus. A ceiling can do this by being vaulted in such a way as to outline where certain areas of the bedroom begin and end. This also creates more space for lighting, ceiling windows, and other features that you may not have considered before.

Making Your Dreams a Reality

In fact, there are many small details and accessories that can be built into your ceiling to accent your room. How about a ceiling fan? For some, it is a relic of a bygone age – after all, we have central air conditioning now, right?! – but for others, it is a way to keep air moving, keep things cool, and keep the room fresh and airy without having to poor money into air conditioning.

Chandeliers are a slightly more upscale option for what you choose to do with your ceiling, but that kind of lighting is much-prized by those who can afford it and make the space for it. Of course, this is your master bedroom, after all; you want to have as much space as possible to truly have your ideal, perfect bedroom in which to while away those early and late hours of the day. The ceiling may be the most important of making your master bedroom exactly that; in this way, you can wake up every morning to see exactly what you dreamt of when you first envisioned your perfect bedroom. There’s little better than getting to see your vision made a reality day-in and day-out!