What’s In It For You: Jack and Jill Bathrooms

July 15, 2014

Your home’s layout and design can take a number of different shapes, forms, and sizes, some of them entirely unique and others more or less common throughout that particular home’s type and design across the region and nation. However, while most choices about bedroom placement, kitchen layout, and living space are generally quite standard, sometimes your choices about how to lay your home out can have a lot to do with a social engineering aspect of your home life; specifically, your placement of the bathroom can become a critical issue in your home! That’s why so many families are turning to Jack and Jill bathrooms in the design of their homes.

Double the Space

The term “Jack and Jill bathroom” may seem strange to hear at first, but it will make sense once you have it explained to you. Basically, a Jack and Jill bathroom is a shared bathroom that exists between two different bedrooms, with two or more separate entrances into the bathroom. There are often two sinks, and some even have two toilets and two showers, along with plenty of closet space and counter space to store various toiletries, towels, and supplies.

Generally speaking, you won’t have a Jack and Jill bathroom adjoining the master bedroom and another bedroom; the master bedroom, of course, gets its own bathroom. That only makes sense! It is the other bedrooms in the house that may be using the Jack and Jill bathroom, and this is a very sensible approach especially if your family is large and requires many different bedrooms or if the structure of your home’s plumbing necessitates a Jack and Jill bathroom.

The Deeper Meaning of Your Bathroom

While it can be space-efficient to have a Jack and Jill bathroom, it is often quite good for your children to have to use one as well. Simply put, kids need to learn life lessons, and it generally falls to the parents to find ways to deliver those lessons without just shoving them down their children’s throats. To accomplish this, you have to provide opportunities for your children to experience and internalize those lessons on their own. With Jack and Jill bathrooms, the lesson is sharing.

Sharing is something that we are all always working on becoming better at. As a species, we tend towards selfishness, and it is a worthy effort to combat that tendency. Having to share a bathroom, a space that you absolutely need in your daily life, forces you to develop an appreciation for sharing, time management, resource and space management, and more. These are definitely lessons – and an appreciation – that you want your kids to have! Jack and Jill bathrooms will get them there!