Why Design Your Master Bathroom?

March 25, 2013

Designing and building a custom home gives you the opportunity to customize everything to your needs, including your master bathroom. Whether you just want a simple getaway or a more luxurious, spa-like getaway, this is the chance you have for you to finally get everything laid out in the manner you want to have it. Here are a few reasons why you should take the opportunity to design your master bathroom:

Get the Bathroom Features You Want

The first reason to design your master bathroom is you will have a chance to put in features you want to have. Maybe you’ve always wanted a walk-in shower unit that is built to spray from all directions. This is a great feature and makes getting cleaned up easier than you ever imagined. Maybe your dream bathroom has a walk-in shower unit and a luxurious bathtub built for long, relaxing soaks. Whatever you want, you can get when you design your master bathroom. Sticking with a standard bathroom or not giving your input during design could result in missing out on personalized features like these.

Get the Bathroom Layout You Want

The second reason you need to think about customizing your master bathroom is you can have it laid out like you want to have it. Stock bathrooms may have the toilet right next to the shower or bathtub, which is great depending on the size of your bathroom. However, you may find it is more acceptable to have this tucked away from the shower and bathtub. You might prefer your shower on one side and a separate bathtub built into a corner of the room. A side by side design might be the layout you want. By working with your custom home designer to design your master bathroom, you can get the features you want in a floor plan that makes the most sense for you.

Match the Master Bathroom to the Rest of Your Home

The third reason for designing your master bathroom is simply that you’re getting a custom home. You have the opportunity to design each room in your home, which means you can match your master bathroom with the rest of your home. If you’re going for the modern farmhouse look or a different theme, you can ensure that theme is carried into the master bathroom as well. 

Getting the opportunity to build your custom home is a dream. Why go with just the standard when you can take the chance to provide input and get what you really want?