Why Masonry Fire Pits Are So Popular

December 16, 2014

These days, we’re distracted by television, internet, telephones, video games, film, and more – anything to keep us from spending time with each other, when we would be talking with each other, learning from each other, and connecting in a meaningful and lasting way. It’s a sad state of affairs when many families do not have dinner or breakfast together, instead dashing about or remaining distracted by all manner of technologies. You miss out on something important when that happens. Similarly, many parties and friendly gatherings end up being a bunch of acquaintances showing each other photos, videos, and so on of things they found funny or cool. Where is the human element in all of this?

Connecting With Each Other

Sometimes you have to go back to go forward; in this case, that means going back to what it meant to come together as human beings before technology came between us. The most elemental of social gatherings is the meeting that takes place around a fire, that icon of civilization and society. Yet today we rarely have a reason to build a fire, much less gather around one, but with a masonry fire pit, you can do exactly that.

Doing It in Style and Safety

The masonry fire pit offers a controlled fire that is nevertheless large and quite versatile. Yes, it can light the whole yard, providing plenty of illumination for a party or shooting the breeze with some old friends. It can also be used to cook, just as you might use a fire at a campground, only it is far cleaner and easier to put out, along with being much safer, making it ideal for family gatherings where your time is tight and you can’t always spare an hour or two for clean-up afterwards. The masonry fire pit is also remarkably handsome as a feature in your backyard; it needn’t be a pile of ash like some bonfires and fire pits can turn out to be; the masonry element keeps it looking beautiful and well-cared-for instead.

It brings us together and looks good doing it – that’s why masonry fire pits enjoy such popularity these days!