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Winter Kid’s Crafts

by CustomHomes on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hot cocoaSnow days can become somewhat boring after the fifth or sixth day indoors. At first you can play in a winter wonderland, bake cookies, and sip hot chocolate but after a bit it goes from classic snow days to Roseanne reruns and reheated leftovers. So to avoid antsy children you can pack a few art projects so everyone stays sane and happy. And your home looks great throughout!

Window Star

Window stars are simple and beautiful crafts that add light and color in your home. All you need is kite or tissue paper, glue sticks, scissors, and a star pattern that looks like a hexagram with the star in the middle. From there you can create pieces of paper with that pattern, snip the corners so there are flaps around the star’s points. You will want to make these ten at a time so they can be folded together to create colorful patterns. When you begin putting the stars together use the flaps to connect the stars in a colorful pattern. Then you can use glue sticks to attach them to the window. You will only need warm water to take them off. For a more detailed tutorial please reference our links.

Walnut Candles

Walnut candles are simple and wonderful crafts that add warmth and interest to your home. You will need to help with this craft more so than the last one, though. Be sure you have at least an hour of time to safely work on this craft. First you will need to crack walnuts and keep the shells. Then you will need beeswax and small wicks. Warm the beeswax until liquid. Then pour them into the shells. Once pour place the wick into the wax and keep it steady until the wax has cooled. You can do this by tying the wick to a stick that will balance on the edges of the shells.

Frosty Pinecones

Frosty pinecones are possibly the simplest of the crafts. You will need pinecones, glue, and plenty of glitter. First you will roll the pinecone in the glue and again in the glitter. Then you will hang them over newspaper while they dry. In just a few hours they will be ready to decorate your home and make it feel like a winter wonderland.


Gorgeous Frosty Pinecone Craft


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