10 Winter Weather Preparedness Tips

December 1, 2016

Before winter weather sets in, it’s good to take some time to prepare for it. Here are 10 winter weather preparedness tips to help you get through the winter:

Have plenty of light

Make sure you have plenty of alternative lighting options in case your home loses power. Be sure to have plenty of candles, lanterns, and flashlights. And for every lighting option, be sure to have plenty of batteries!

Stock up on food and water

You should always have a week’s worth of food and three week’s worth of water stockpiled in your home in case you lose power. This will give you the peace of mind if the power goes out and will give you time to figure out the next step.

Stay warm

During the winter you will need plenty of warm clothing, bedding, and you will want a heating element to keep your home safe and warm. Make sure you have thermal clothing as well as waterproof clothing and warm outerwear. You should also have plenty of warm blankets and bedding to stay warm with or without power. With that try to find a heating element that does not need electricity. This way your home can stay warm no matter what.

Have a good shovel

This will be the thing you are least likely to think about but may be the most important thing you will need if you need to leave your home. Before snow falls you should make sure you have a sturdy, long-lasting shovel that can pull its own weight.

Install draft stoppers

Draft stoppers under your doors can keep warm air in and cold out. They are inexpensive, simple and can help cut down on your heating and electricity bills. You can make your own with cotton, fabric, and some sewing skills or purchase them online.

Protect your outdoor faucets

You can install outdoor faucet covers so they will not freeze in the winter. This will also keep your plumbing safe and warm from freezing. Faucet covers can be found at any home goods store or online.

Change heat pump filters

Many people do not consider the need to change your heat pump’s filter but it will make your home safer and may make your heating less expensive. Like the faucet covers, new filters are fairly inexpensive and can be bought at any hardware store or online.


It may seem silly but dusting will keep your home clean and cozy. This will cut down on dirt and grime building up and harming you and your family. The act will also help fight cabin fever.

Insulate your home

Make sure all of your insulation is clean, devoid of mold, and is properly placed throughout the home. This way your home will stay safe and dry.

Clear roof and gutters

Clean your roof and gutters so they do not have snow and ice build up over time. Then you will not have to worry about your roof falling into your home or your gutters breaking.