Your Walk-In Closet

May 7, 2015

The advantage of a custom home is, of course, that you can design the home to have all of the features and qualities that you have always dreamt of your house having. For some this means having an in-ground pool just outside; for others, it means having a spacious house to entertain in, from the patio to the living room to each and every nook and cranny. Yet for many new homeowners, what they really want is the ability to use their space like they always wanted to, taking full advantage of a house that is well and truly theirs. For example, consider the closet; for many, a cramped, confusing space that frustrates and disappoints. Yet a custom home can easily be converted to have walk-in closets. The only limit is your desires and imagination!

So Many Options

You have so many options when designing your walk-in closet it is almost impossible to decide what, exactly, you want out of it. The important thing to do when having a walk-in closet included in your custom home is to ask yourself what you really want that closet for; it is capable of doing many things, after all, and knowing what specifically you want those things to be is the first step on the path to having your own uniquely-you walk-in closet!

First, have you considered a space to sit in your closet? This can be quite convenient for traditional closet-related activities, like sitting to try on and take off shoes. Additionally, the space under the seat can function as more storage space! On the other hand, perhaps you want to be a little more “outside the box” with your closet and iron clothes there instead. You can have a flip-down ironing board installed to both save space and make more efficient the whole ironing process; when you’re preparing clothes in the closet itself, it speeds everything up!

The Sky’s the Limit

Other considerations to make include deciding whether or not you want a television installed in your closet for entertainment purposes while you are dressed, and to what degree you enjoy your view outside, as you can even have a window installed in your closet to enjoy natural sunlight as you select the day’s clothes. The sky’s the limit when you have a custom home!