6 Attic Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

December 24, 2019

Including an attic or room truss over the garage in your custom home design opens up a ton of possibilities. This space can become a hobby or craft room, serve as extra storage, and more. Because an attic truss is built with a hollow center, a structural floor, and access from the second-floor hallway you can even use it as a bedroom as long as it fits the requirements for one! And, there are a lot of different things you can do with the space to create a fantastic additional bedroom. Here are a few attic bedroom design ideas to help inspire you:

1. Use the Architecture to Your Advantage

Attic truss bedrooms usually feature unique architecture and using that to your advantage is one of the great attic bedroom design ideas. Sloped ceilings, knee walls, exposed structural beams, and more all offer opportunities to create a unique look in your attic bedroom. You can also play with different materials depending on the interior design style of the rest of your home.

For example, if you’re going for a farmhouse or more rustic look in the rest of your home, you can also incorporate that look into the attic truss. Leaving wooden beams exposed and using reclaimed wood or a rustic wood on the walls can give an attic bedroom a rustic log cabin-type feel. This is one of the classic loft decor ideas.

You can even include an accent wall with a stone, brick, or rock look to provide some contrast and texture. Shiplap, beadboard, and other types of trim can all help add texture to your walls and create an interesting look in an attic bedroom.

2. Get Creative with Lighting

Lighting has a big effect on the atmosphere of a room. Creating a bedroom in a room truss over the garage allows you to get creative with many different lighting choices and options, including natural light. One of the building code requirements for a bedroom is that it must have a window that permits a view to the outside and this also applies to an attic bedroom.

This, paired with the unique shape of an attic, offers a great opportunity for a skylight or dormer window on the exterior-facing wall or ceiling. You can also make the wall window a bay window with a bench or build a nook around the window to create a relaxing and useful seat.

Aside from windows, recessed lighting can be a great option for an attic bedroom because you don’t need to worry about anything hanging from the ceiling or taking up extra space. Plus, you can use dimmers and settings to control which sets of lights you’re using and how bright you want them to be. If the ceilings are high enough, you can also go with a more visual lighting option like a chandelier or pendant lights and use them to enhance your decor.

This can help you customize the lighting in your attic bedroom to your needs. Whether you need bright light to read, do task work, or something else or dimmer light to start winding down to sleep, good lighting options can help you create the atmosphere you need.

3. Include Storage Where You Can

An attic bedroom, even a spacious one, will usually be a little limited when it comes to wall space and vertical storage due to the sloped ceiling(s). Building in storage where you can and using multifunctional furniture can help you include enough storage in an attic bedroom.

Bookcases and shelving can be built into slanted or sloped nooks to take full advantage of all the space you have available. Plus, it offers a unique design element to the room while also providing some storage or display space. There are a bunch of different ways to maximize attic storage in your custom home design, and plenty that are perfect for an attic bedroom.

4. Create a Multi-Level Loft

If you’re planning enough space for it in your custom home, you can create a multi-level space in your attic bedroom and create a loft look and feel. This can be a useful approach to add more livable space, comfort, and options to an attic with a lot of vertical space.

Not only does a multi-level design add more function to the space, but it also allows you to create sections. The bed can be somewhat separated from a workspace, seating area, or something else. Some attic bedrooms even include their own private bathrooms!

5. Add a Small Balcony

An attic bedroom may not be a master bedroom, but it can still be given a touch of luxury and elegance by adding a small balcony. Not only does this add an interesting design element and extra function to the space, but it also adds a unique design element to the exterior of your home.

6. Put in a Fireplace

You may be used to seeing a fireplace in a living room, but what about an attic bedroom? It’s definitely more difficult to add a fireplace in after the fact. However, it’s far simpler to put a fireplace in your attic bedroom when you include it in the design before the home is built. This can be a useful addition to an attic bedroom and can definitely help create a cozy atmosphere.

These are just a few attic bedroom design ideas to inspire the attic truss bedroom in your custom home. Thankfully, there are a ton of options available and they can help with design in A-frame homes as well. And, when you’re designing and building your own custom home, the opportunities are practically endless.

An experienced custom home builder can help bring your ideas and dreams to life. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!