5 Loft Decor Ideas for Your Custom Home

February 9, 2023

A loft can be a fun feature in your custom home design, but it can often be difficult to know how to decorate or even use it. Here are a few loft decor ideas for your custom home:

1. Rustic Decor

To implement a rustic decor look in your loft, the star of the show should be exposed beams and natural wood detail. The exposed beams not only add character but also serve as visual dividers between different spaces in the loft. Leaving beams exposed is also one of the ceiling design ideas that work well in a variety of rooms.

Choose natural wood flooring or a natural flooring alternative to complete the rustic look. To add some warmth to the space, decorate with cozy blankets, fluffy pillows, and soft and cushy rugs. Not only will this warm up your space, but it will add some texture and some needed to mention to your loft area.

2. Modern Aesthetic

If you prefer a modern aesthetic, keep the walls a nice, bright white and offset with black trim. Choose light fixtures or install modern track lighting that reflects the modern style, and aim for a minimalist design.

Choose black or brass light fixtures for a bit of glam. Add some vintage-style rugs and artwork for a bit of contrast and warmth. Or, if you want a very modern style, lean into the Scandinavian vibe. Choose white accessories, like soft white pillows, chunky knit white blankets, and soft, cozy rugs.

3. Exposed Brick Wall

For a stunning focal point, have an exposed brick wall. An exposed brick wall immediately adds charm and character to any room. Exposed brick walls work with almost any type of decorating style so your options are fairly open.

Using architecture to your advantage like this is one of the attic bedroom design ideas. Keep your space airy and light so that the brick wall remains at the focal point of the room. To add some texture and coziness to the space, choose soft rugs and blankets.

4. Kids’ Nook

A loft is a great place for kids to spend time and play. A specific play area for kids is just one of the family-friendly custom home design ideas that many families enjoy. Adding little touches like built-in storage and window seats is a great way to maximize space. This will be a great space for kids to play, do homework, and read.

Keep the walls and fixtures fairly neutral so the space can age with your children. This will save you money and time in the long run, because all you will need to do is change out some basic decor. This is an approach to designing flex rooms for your custom home that you can use to create a more versatile loft space.

5. Home library

A loft is a great place for a home library. In addition to other creative ways to store books, you can either have built-in bookshelves or line the walls with a variety of different styles and colors of bookcases. This is one of the useful home library design ideas. Then, you can organize your books in whatever fashion you like. Maybe organize by color or alphabetize by title.

Be sure to have comfortable seating and good lighting available. It’s a good idea to Incorporate a few different types of lighting. This allows you to choose the level of light that is best for any situation. Install track lighting or recessed lighting in the ceiling, interspersed with a few floor lamps or table lamps for more targeted lighting.

These are just a few loft decor ideas for your custom home. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!