7 Basement Kitchen Ideas to Consider for Your Custom Home

October 11, 2022

If you’re considering adding a basement kitchen to your custom home design for extra cooking space or in preparation for a living space, this area will add a lot to your home. Here are a few basement kitchen ideas to consider for your custom home

1. British Style

In the UK, most townhomes have basement kitchens that then open to a terrace or back garden. Even if you don’t have a walkout basement, you can still invoke the British townhome style.

Black and white are traditional colors used and invoke a classic feel. Exposed beams, white brick, and pipes painted black will give your area a more industrial feel while still feeling homey.

2. Traditional Shaker

Shaker style is characterized by minimal, sleek, and clean lines with no decoration or very little. It also prioritizes natural materials. Using hardwood flooring in your basement kitchen will definitely be reminiscent of Shaker style.

Add some Shaker kitchen cabinet styles and paint them a more modern color to keep the space fun. A farmhouse sink and floating shelves will help complete the look.

3. Functional & Fun

If your space will be heavily used by the family, make sure the space is functional but not boring. Use the opportunity of a basement kitchenette to use colors you might not typically choose for the rest of the home. An area for more prep space is a great way to use a kitchen island and will be a nice place to gather around, too.

Add stainless steel appliances for a clean look and make sure you have plenty of storage. White walls and shelves and cabinets will give your kitchen a crisp look that will give your basement space some brightness.

4. Contemporary

Having a modern and minimal kitchenette will give your basement a contemporary feel. Use shades of grays, whites, and blacks to really lean into the modern look. If you like the color black, this is a great opportunity to incorporate black into a kitchen design.

Stainless steel appliances are classy and very modern. Add recessed lighting to light your areas well while still keeping in line with the contemporary vibe. Either choose nice wood laminate or hardwood floors to tie everything together. Decorate with modern, white furniture and you’ll have a lovely contemporary basement kitchen.

5. Feature Wall

To have a standout basement kitchen, have your kitchen built around a feature wall. This will create a focal point in your basement and add an interesting element.

You can even have hidden storage features built into your wall. Lots of storage is a kitchen trend that will never go out of style. This will keep the area minimal and focused on the wall. Add an island for extra seating for a fun and functional kitchen.

6. Dark Wood

Having a dark wood peninsula might seem counterintuitive in an area that may not have great lighting. However, with the right flooring, like a light concrete, as well as white cabinets, this dark wood will be the star of the show.

For a more contemporary feel, add glass-front cabinets. This will also add some brightness and an airy feel to your room.

7. Unique Lighting

One of the biggest challenges of basement kitchens is picking the right lighting. This is especially difficult if you have no windows to let in natural light.

Recessed lighting is a great solution. The overhead lighting offers a nice amount of light without being too harsh. You don’t have to be limited to the standard can lights, either. There are a few different options available to match your style.

These are just a few basement kitchen ideas to consider for your custom home. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!