4 Celestial Decor Ideas for Your Custom Home

January 23, 2020

Even if you have some idea of how you want your custom home to look and feel, figuring out all the details can be overwhelming. Sticking to a specific interior design theme or set of complementing themes can help keep things consistent. If you think celestial interior design could be the theme for you, here’s more information about celestial home decor and some celestial decor ideas to help inspire you:

What is Celestial Home Decor?

Celestial home decor is all about the sun, moon, and stars. Although stars tend to be the most popular way to incorporate this trend, anything related to the sky is fair game. Stars, the sun, the moon, and the zodiac tend to be popular themes with celestial decor, but planets and space themes have been known to pop up as well.

4 Celestial Decor Ideas for Your Custom Home

Celestial home decor is a flexible and versatile theme with plenty of options to choose from. Here are few celestial decor ideas for your custom home that can help you add a celestial touch to a room:

1. Make a Starry Ceiling or Accent Wall

One way to make a statement with celestial decor is to create a statement ceiling or accent wall that features a starry night look. A dark background color with lighter stars strewn across it can make your ceiling or an accent wall look like the night sky. You can also go with more of a galaxy-style look for something with more pops of color.

2. Hang up Celestial Decor

Metal or wooden stars, suns, and/or moons can be hung on the wall to add a touch of celestial decor. Sun-shaped or sunburst mirrors are also a popular way to create a celestial gallery wall or just add a celestial-themed mirror to a space.

Celestial-themed photos, paintings, art prints, posters, and more can also be hung up to add this decor to your home. You can also add a twinkling starry night look by hanging up string lights. A sun-, star-, or moon-shaped shelf can also add some celestial decor while also providing a little extra storage.

3. Add Cosmic Fabrics

Fabrics featuring constellations, astrological signs, and other celestial bodies can add a touch of this decor to a room while also providing a function. Blankets, pillowcases, throw pillows, wall hangings, window treatments, furniture, table cloths, table runners, placemats, shower curtains, towels, and more can all be made with cosmic fabrics to add some celestial decor to a room.

4. Include Celestial Accessories

Constellations or other celestial themes can be included in small accessories as well. Galaxy-inspired drinkware can add both celestial and luxe decor to your home. Plates, bowls, and other dinnerware are also good options for this decor theme. You can also include celestial prints on coasters for a small touch of this decor theme.

These are just a few celestial decor ideas to get you started. Even if this isn’t the interior design theme for you, figuring out what you don’t like is still valuable insight to make sure your custom home is exactly what you want. If you’re ready to explore a custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to start bringing your dream home to life!