4 Ways to Add the Luxe Home Decor Trend to Your Home

January 22, 2019

The luxe home decor trend is all about adding a sense of elegance, luxury, and a touch of decadence to your home. Whether you focus on rich, luxurious fabrics or elegant, fancy furniture, go big with statements or focus on subtle sophistication, there are plenty of ways to integrate a little more “luxe” into your home. Here are a few ways to add the luxe home decor trend to your home:

1. Minimalist Lighting

Luxe isn’t always about large, in-your-face pieces. After all, you can still make a statement without having to overwhelm the room with gigantic decor. Sure, chandeliers make a statement and are certainly luxurious, but they’re not the only luxe lighting option available. Statement minimalist lighting is a small way to integrate luxe into your home decor that has a big impact by adding subtle sophistication to a room.

Some popular ways to do this is through tea lights in small, fancy glasses placed in a group and vintage or antique lanterns placed on a table, shelf, or mantel. Pendant lighting with marble-patterned shades or made of sculptural glass and brushed brass is another way to add statement minimalist lighting and add a little luxe to a room.

2. Art Deco Rounded Shapes

Decorative Art Deco and rounded shapes are notable designs in the luxe home decor trend. Art Deco is all about combining modernist styles with luxury in the form of excellent craftsmanship and fine, rich materials. Its very foundation fits right in with the luxe home decor trend.

You can integrate a touch of Art Deco into your home by including elements using bold geometric shapes, bright colors, artisanal craftsmanship, rich materials, rounded shapes, or a combination of them. Furniture with rounded shapes wrapped in brightly-colored fabric or luxurious materials is popular within the luxe trend.

3. Opulent, Luxurious Materials

Nothing provides a sense of elegance, decadence, and luxury than opulent, luxurious materials. Opting for quality luxe materials is common in luxury kitchen design and can also help you add some luxe decor to other rooms of your home. These are a few of the top materials that are popular for the luxe trend:


Brass accents are a great way to incorporate a little more luxe into your home decor. You can also include them in a mixed metal theme for an interesting and unique look. Brass tends to mix well with other metals like silver, pewter, bronze or black-brown metals. Plus, it’s one of the popular bathroom design trends too, so you can use it in several rooms.

You do want to limit how many brass elements you include in a room as you can overdo it. If every accent and furniture frame in a room is brass, it can overwhelm the room and come across as overkill. Using too much brass is one of the mistakes to avoid with luxe home decor.


Marble, both as a material and as a pattern, is popular in the luxe home decor trend. Marble countertops, tabletops, statues, bookends, other decorations, and more can be incorporated into the furniture of a room or placed on top of it. On the other hand, marble patterns can be incorporated into fabrics, lamp shades and covering, wall art, and more.

Detailed/Smoked Glass

Detailed/smoked glass adds texture to areas that might otherwise be flat. Glass tabletops and side tables can become a unique element of your home decor with detailed or smoked glass. It’s also a great addition to a bar cart or a drink trolley that takes it to the next level.


Velvet is a rich, luxurious fabric that can take your home decor to the next level. Velvet furniture is popular in the luxe home decor trend, especially sofas, chaise lounges, and armchairs with rounded shapes. If you don’t want to replace your current furniture or add any new big pieces, you can incorporate a little luxe into a room and your life with a velvet throw blanket or two.

4. Bar Cart/Drink Trolley

Another element of the luxe trend is that it has brought the social cocktail hour back into popularity. Nothing makes happy hour at home more luxurious than having your own bar cart or drink trolley to bring into the room where everyone is socializing. A bar cart featuring metal with a gold finish is one of the ways to use gold accents in your home and get a luxe look.

Brass bar carts with detailed/smoked glass or mirrored surfaces are a popular option, but there are a ton of cart or trolley designs available. Galaxy-inspired drinkware is one of the celestial decor ideas that overlap with luxe and can enhance your bar cart/cocktail house atmosphere.

These are just a few ideas to add a little more luxe into your home. If you find yourself continuously redecorating and your house still doesn’t feel like your home, it may be time to consider a new home. Why not opt for a custom home to get exactly what you want with a home built to your specifications?

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