6 Fun Fall Farmhouse Decor Ideas

October 22, 2019

Farmhouse decor is focused on creating a cozy, clean, simple, and rustic look. It’s also a versatile decor theme that can transition seamlessly from season to season. Whether you keep your decor consistent or switch it up to match each season, farmhouse decor can work well in your home. Here are some fun fall farmhouse decor ideas to inspire you for this season: 

1. Focus on Standard Fall Colors

A great way to incorporate some fall farmhouse decor into your home is to focus on including some of the standard fall colors. Browns, oranges, and reds are great fall colors that can be added to a room through cozy flannel blankets or comfortable pillows. You can also use these colors in your plateware, drinkware, table settings, or as a centerpiece.

2. Include Some Decorative Pumpkins

When it comes to fall farmhouse decor ideas, pumpkins serve double duty. In addition to bringing in a fall farmhouse feel, they can also double as Halloween decorations. You can use pumpkins in a centerpiece for your dining room table or coffee table.

Artificial or real, large pumpkins can create an outdoor display while small pumpkins can be placed on side tables with candles or other items for a small touch of fall. Whether they are fake or real, you can also paint patterns or do some hand-lettering on your pumpkins for a more creative and personal touch.

You can also add items featuring a pumpkin print like pillows, blankets, table runners, tablecloths, and more. Crocheted, knitted, or fabric pumpkins are also a great way to add some fall farmhouse decor

3. Put Out Some Apples

Pumpkin patches and apple orchards scream fall. So, in addition to pumpkins or in place of them, you can get creative with apples. Aside from adding decor with apple prints, you can also create some fall farmhouse decor with real and fake apples.

Simply putting out a small wicker basket of apples can add a touch of fall farmhouse decor while also providing a delicious snack. You can also get some artificial apples and create a fall harvest wreath for your front door or for interior decor.

Grab a couple of extra apples with some fake fall leaves and you can create a fall centerpiece for your table. If you love apple cider in the fall, you can also create a rustic apple cider bar in a corner of your kitchen for a delicious touch of fall farmhouse decor. This gets even easier if you already have a dedicated coffee or tea area.

4. Make a Rustic Fall Mantel

If there is a fireplace with a decent-sized mantel in your home, you have a fantastic place to change up farmhouse decor to match the seasons. Adding seasonal items to your mantel is a great way to change up decor temporarily without making drastic or permanent changes to your home. Plus, there are plenty of fall mantel decor ideas to help create the look you want.

Empty wooden frames, wooden signs, chalkboard signs, pumpkins, mason jars, acorns, fall flowers, and more can all help you create a mantel completely decked out with fall farmhouse decor. If you’re worried about loose items falling off the mantel, you can also use vases, mason jars, baskets, trays, and basins to create a decorative focal point that still keeps everything contained and secure.

5. Use Some Antique Basins

Antique metal basins can be a great way to add some farmhouse decor to your home. They come in a variety of sizes. So, you can use smaller basins or trays to create a tiered centerpiece full of fall-themed items. You can also get larger basins that will add a farmhouse look while also adding some storage to wherever you decide to place them. If you get a big enough basin, you can even use it to allow guests to bob for apples at your next fall get-together.

6. Switch up Your Indoor Plants

Your indoor plants can also add a little bit of fall decor to your home. If you’re looking to add some plants to your home or switch up the ones you have, there are plenty of popular indoor plants for fall to choose from. If live plants aren’t for you, you can always incorporate some fake plants featuring fall colors for a touch of fall farmhouse that requires no maintenance.

Aside from live or fake plants, you can also integrate dried fall flowers and plants into your decor for a fall farmhouse touch. Grapevine, dried wheat, cotton, or dried flowers can be used in mason jars and vases or made into a fall wreath.

There are many ways to get farmhouse decor in your custom home. Whether it’s integrated into the overall design of your home or is a decor theme you’re playing around with, farmhouse decor can add an interesting look and feel to your home. Plus, there are a ton of fun fall farmhouse decor ideas to inspire what you want to try next!

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