8 Fun Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

November 14, 2023

Decorating for fall is something many people look forward to each year. If you’re looking for something new, try creating a fall scene on your mantel. It can be a simple display or something a little more detailed. Here are a few fun fall mantel decor ideas to try:

1. Go a Little Batty

Lean into the spooky season by scattering some bat cutouts on your mantel. Or, use some bat decals on a mirror or climb up the wall. Pair with a fun garland and candles to complete the look. Creating a display on the mantel is one of the classic ideas for fireplace decor.

2. Create a Glow

Bring a bit of warmth to your mantel by setting tea lights on your mantel amongst traditional fall decor. Try pumpkins, fake leaves, greenery, and other candles. Keep the look fairly rustic if you’re looking for some fall farmhouse decor ideas.

To prevent fire, use battery-powered tea lights and candles. This will create a nice glow that reflects the orange and yellow of pumpkins and leaves.

3. Incorporate Brass

For something bright but a little vintage, use brass accents. Brass complements orange and yellow and gives some shine to your mantel. Plus it’s one of the popular interior design trends right now. You can find brass candlesticks, brass pumpkins, or even brass photo frames to display. Add a fall leaves garland to add some texture and depth.

4. Choose One Big Focal Piece

Making a big statement is a popular fall decor trend. You don’t need to use multiple items to decorate a mantel. Simply placing a large fall-related art piece or sign on the mantel can be enough of a statement. To bring more attention to your mantel, illuminate the area with a strand of lights.

If you want more decor, consider creating a gallery wall. You can add a fall greenery garland and fill vases with matching or similar leaves. Place these on the mantel or other areas of the room to tie everything together.

5. Get Theatrical

To bring a theatrical flair to your mantel, display fall foliage under glass cloches. Using a variety of fall leaves in cloches of different sizes is an easy fall display. For more dimension, place some cloches on bases of different heights.

6. Bring the Library to Your Mantel

Books make great decor and the mantel is no exception. Plus, it’s one of the ways to store books. However, if your fireplace mantel is used as a heat source, this isn’t for you. But if your mantel is purely decorative, try stacking some books on your mantel.

You can choose books based on a theme or color scheme. Some thriller or mystery novels can be fun for the Halloween season or photography books on fall nature scapes. Add one or two fall decor pieces to finish the autumn theme.

7. Celebrate the Harvest

Fall is harvest time. Highlight this time of year by displaying various types of dried wheat. Place a few vases of dried wheat stalks on your mantel. Try hanging a wheat wreath or framed photo or painting of wheat harvest. These neutral wheats will complement any room’s decor, making it a simple decoration to try. Plus, changing up the mantel for the seasons is one of the tips for decorating fireplaces.

8. Lean into Kitsch

Have some fun with your mantel decor! Lean into the Halloween or fall spirit with cutesy artwork, like a ghost or skeleton illustration or Halloween comic. Add some ghost, pumpkin, or skeleton figurines for a bit more fun.

These are just a few fun fall mantel decor ideas to try. Hopefully, these decor ideas can add a fun flair and bring some new life into your home. However, if no amount of decorating makes your home feel quite right, consider investing in a custom home. A custom home can be designed and built to suit your style and needs. If you’re ready to start bringing your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!