6 Family-Friendly Custom Home Design Ideas

November 22, 2018

Home may be where the heart is, but it’s also where life happens from day to day. When you are raising children and growing up as a family, things can get hectic. The right room layouts and custom home design can help make life a little easier. With that in mind, here are some family-friendly custom home design ideas to consider in your custom home:

1. Create a Separate Section for the Kids

As every parent knows, it can sometimes feel impossible to get a moment of peace or any sense of privacy when you have kids. When you get a chance to build a custom home, you can separate the master bedroom from the kids’ rooms.

This will create a separate section of the home for kids and will, at the very least, start to implement some sort of structure for a sense of privacy. It may also help you get some peace and quiet every now and then as your children grow. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to instill a sense of independence and responsibility for their space.

2. Consider Separate Bathrooms

Having to share bathroom space with your siblings is certainly an experience and it can also cause a lot of issues with storage space, timing, and more. A jack and jill bathroom that connects two bedrooms can be a good solution for some families. For other families, including separate bathrooms for each child in the custom home design is a better fit.

3. Add a Mudroom

Adding a mudroom between the door and the rest of the house can save you time and reduce frustration when it comes to dirt and clutter. Without a space for things to go when you come into the house, you can often end up with clothing, shoes, sports equipment, bags, and more all over the house. This can cause dirt to be dragged through multiple rooms and clutter to build up all over the place.

A mudroom, especially one with plenty of storage built-in, creates a place where your family can pause on their way into the house and remove shoes and coats, store sports equipment, hang up bags, etc. A well-designed mudroom keeps the clutter contained to one area and makes organization so much easier.

Plus, it makes getting out of the house much easier too as your children, hopefully, won’t have to go on a house-wide search for their shoes every time you try to leave. This is why it’s one of the family-friendly custom home design ideas, and why it’s also one of the popular custom home design ideas year after year.

4. Think About the Bedrooms

One of the biggest questions some families face when it comes to custom home design is whether their kids should share a room or have their own bedrooms and whether to plan for a nursery. A shared bedroom can work well, especially with younger children, but may become an issue as the children get older. 

Separate bedrooms can also work well, but will require more bedrooms to be included in the design. Depending on your family, you may decide to have the children share a bedroom when they are younger and then move into separate bedrooms once they get older. You can then convert the previously shared bedroom into a study room, practice room, storage room, or playroom.

5. Include Space for Play

Children need space and time to play and to run around and expel excess energy. By including spaces for play in your custom home design, along with toy storage ideas for organization, you provide these essential spaces and potentially protect the rest of your home from rambunctious behavior. A playroom inside the home can double as a playroom and as toy storage, which can help keep toys from ending up all over the house and gives your children a space where they know it is okay to play.

Another great idea is to spend some extra time with your custom home builder on the backyard. Kids can play and run around on the grass, but adding a little more can make a big difference. Consider installing a fence to create some boundaries and to help keep toys inside the yard. A great backyard that is also secure is one of the pet-friendly custom home design ideas too. Also, think about including a playset. You can stick with a basic swing set and slide combination or go with something more complicated.

There are tons of options to choose from and plenty of opportunities for custom playsets, so you’re sure to find a good fit for your family. There are also a ton of things to build in your backyard. Whether its a playset, a treehouse, or something else, there is an option that’s perfect for your family.

6. Go with Open Floor Plans

Most custom homes are built with an open concept, including great rooms. This is a great family-friendly custom home design idea as it creates a common living space with plenty of room. The family can do activities together and can also simply be in each other’s presence while having their own space.

This is a also great way to spend time with family without feeling forced or cramped. Plus, it helps make it easier to keep an eye on things when your children are younger because you don’t have walls separating the living room and kitchen, for example. This is one of the many benefits of open concept floor plans.

No matter the structure of your family, building a custom home allows you to design your home for multigenerational living and one that is just right for you. With these family-friendly custom home design ideas in hand, you have plenty of inspiration to get started. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!