5 Helpful Garage Organization Ideas to Maximize Storage

August 22, 2019

A garage is a great addition to your custom home design. In addition to a safe place to store your car, it can also offer a lot of extra storage space. The amount of storage space you have available in your garage depends on how you design it and what you use to organize it. Here are a few helpful garage organization ideas to maximize storage:

1. Put Shelves Along the Wall

No matter what you’re trying to store in your garage, you can bet that shelves will come in handy. When you’re designing and building a custom home, you can opt for built-in shelving in the garage.

The only potential downside to these is that they’re more permanent than a shelving system you can move if needed. Whether you go with built-in shelving or unit of open shelves, plan to put shelves along at least one of the walls. This will open up and maximize the storage space available on that wall.

2. Consider Lockers and Cabinets

Consider including lockers and cabinets in the storage system you’re creating for your garage. Some things may not work well on a shelf and might be better stored in a locker or a cabinet that closes. Cabinets and lockers will help keep contents contained and out of the way. They also fit well against a wall or even in a corner as long as there is room to open the doors.

3. Use Hooks to Your Advantage

In addition to shelves, cabinets, lockers, and other storage components, you can also use hooks to your advantage. By using heavy-duty hooks on the wall, you can hang whatever you need to in order to keep things organized and off the floor. You can even combine them with a pegboard to give you flexible storage options; this is one of the classic tool storage ideas.

Hooks tend to be a great fit for things like step ladders, rakes, shovels, bikes, and more. You can even install tracks that allow you to slide and move hooks around to fit exactly what you need, even if you’re hanging up baskets and bins for even more storage. This is also a great idea to help organize items when you design your own workshop.

4. Think About Racks for Big Items

If you have several larger items that fit together, like bicycles, kayaks, and more, think about implementing storage racks made specifically for those items. Although bikes can be leaned against the wall, they can often be damaged if they fall or are knocked over. Plus, just leaning against the wall often means they’re in a constant state of being moved in and out of the way.

Instead of moving them around and tripping over them, give them a specific home in the garage. A steel rack for mounting bikes or racks for hanging kayaks on the wall are great solutions for homeowners with multiple bikes or large items like kayaks. There are also racks built specifically for storing tools. Racks help keep your items off the floor, in a specific place, and secure.

5. Don’t Ignore the Ceiling

When you think of storage space in the garage, the floor and the walls are usually what come to mind. But, what about the ceiling? Even if you have floor-to-ceiling shelves along the walls, there will still be ceiling space available in the middle of your garage.

Don’t let this space go to waste! By installing heavy-duty ceiling garage racks or using other overhead garage storage ideas, you can create a space for storage bins and other items that sits high above your car and well out of the way. This is one of the helpful garage organization ideas and is a great option for seasonal items or things that you don’t need to access often.

Having plenty of storage is one of the most important garage must-haves. With these helpful garage organization ideas, you can design a garage for your custom home that maximizes storage. Keeping these and a few useful garage organization tips in mind can help you maximize storage and manage clutter in your garage. If you’re ready for your own custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to bring your dream home to life!