8 Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

May 4, 2023

Garages are a great place for storage, and not just for your car. Garages usually become the backup storage unit and can quickly get out of hand. However, there are some ways to maximize your space, especially by utilizing overhead storage. Here are some overhead garage storage ideas to keep your garage organized:

1. Install a Mini-Loft

Asking for a mini-loft can maximize your overhead storage but works best if you have a high-ceiling garage. This space is great for storing camping gear, summer furniture, or winter sporting goods.

Depending on the size, you will be able to store plenty of things to help organize and declutter your garage. Don’t forget to label everything! Labeling things clearly is a useful garage organization tip to manage clutter and will keep your garage much easier to navigate.

2. Hang Your Bikes

If your family loves to go biking, but is struggling with storing bikes, hanging bikes from the ceiling will free up your garage space. Installing hooks to hang your bikes will free up your floor space as well as keep your bikes secure and keep them from falling over or getting knocked over.

3. Add Shelving Above Cabinets

If you plan to have cabinetry in your garage, consider adding shelves above. This will help maximize your organization space and is a good place for things you don’t need frequently.

If your garage has high ceilings, this is an even better way to make the most of the extra space. Shelving in this extra space is an excellent option for functional tool storage.

4. Try a Pulley System

A pulley system is an easy way to store heavy items that may be hard to move around. The pulley system will do all the heavy lifting for you so you can easily store things like bikes, and kayaks, or even use storage bins for miscellaneous items.

5. Install a Classic Track System

Instead of just building cabinets or shelves, consider adding a track system. Track systems are helpful because you can install a variety of hooks and attachments to hang a variety of things. This is helpful for storing bikes, lawn chairs, and certain camping equipment.

It’s also a great addition if you want to design your own workshop. A track system will help keep tools and supplies in close reach while also organizing everything effectively.

6. Use a Fishing Rod Holder

If you’re an avid fisherman, you probably have a hard time keeping all your supplies neat and organized. If you’re looking for a good way to organize your fishing rods, install a fishing rack from the ceiling. You can either choose a basic design or choose a holder designed specifically for fishing rods.

7. Hang Storage Bins

If you prefer to utilize your garage for miscellaneous storage, try hanging storage bins from the ceiling. Using the ceiling space is a helpful garage organization idea to maximize space. This option might be helpful in keeping your garage clutter-free. Install racks for the bins to hang from, being cognizant of weight restrictions. To make finding items easy, opt for clear plastic bins.

8. Invest in Motorized Ceiling Storage

If you prefer to forgo bins and lofts, try a motorized ceiling storage feature. By simply pushing a button, a platform raises or lowers. This allows you to stack and organize without heavy lifting easily. The motorized component does all that for you, making storage easy and efficient.

These are just a few overhead garage storage ideas. Having plenty of storage is one of the top garage must-haves every home needs. Asking for built-in storage or other storage options is a great way to make the most of your garage space. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!