How to Create an Elegant Entryway

February 5, 2019

Your home’s front porch, front door, and foyer work together to form the exterior and interior entryway into your home. It also welcomes you home and sets the tone for welcoming your guests into your home. An elegant entryway is well-designed, welcoming, and also has a touch of luxury without being overbearing or gaudy. Here’s how to create an elegant entryway:

1. Add a Door Knocker to the Front Door

A door knocker is a decorative and useful design element that you can add to your front door. Although door knockers have a long history and a sometimes dark past, they are often most reminiscent of the Victorian Era. During this time, door knockers became more and more elaborate as they were used as a show of wealth.

Now, a simply-designed or an elaborately-designed door knocker can add a touch of elegance to your front door without being ostentatious. The design of the pathway leading up to your front door and the decorations around it can also help create a sense of elegance before anyone enters the house.

2. Place Benches Inside Near the Door

One of the first things many people do when they get home is take off their shoes. Adding a bench or two near the front door makes it easy to take your shoes off and put them back on before leaving, which means it makes it easier for your guests as well.

Not only does this help welcome people into your home, but it can also add an elegant design element to your entryway. Benches with intricate designs, a plush velvet cushion, or a vintage or antique look can help create a more elegant entryway. Plus, giving people the option to take a seat to remove their shoes also gives them a moment to take in your entryway.

3. Use Runners to Create Pathways

Carpet runners can be placed in the hallways leading out of the entryway and on the stairs to help create pathways. Strategically-placed runners lead the eye to the rest of the house and also help to let people know where to go next.

Runners are versatile and come in a variety of materials, designs, colors, and more. By choosing a color theme and design that complements the rest of your entryway, your runners can add to the overall feeling of elegance in your entryway.

4. Design an Elegant Staircase

A staircase is usually another part of your home’s entryway. Since it’s normally a large design element, it can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your entryway and your home. When it comes to staircases, you can achieve an elegant look with a staircase that makes a bold statement or with one that is more understated, so you have a lot of options.

An imperial staircase, where there are two symmetrical flights of stairs curving up to the second floor will take center stage in your entryway and make a statement. This type of staircase is a bold design element, but is also elegant in its design and details. This type of symmetry and a bold staircase are classic Colonial-Revival architecture design ideas that also pop in other styles.

Grand entrances are one of the key design features of Georgian architecture. Although imperial staircases certainly make a statement, you don’t need them to create a grand, elegant entryway. If you don’t have the space for an imperial staircase or it’s just not your style, you can still create an elegant look with a more understated single set of stairs. The details on this staircase, like wrought iron railings, wood accents, and more, can help create an elegant entryway.

5. Consider the Lighting

Lighting makes a big difference in the look and feel of a room and the same is true for your entryway. There are plenty of lighting options to choose from and you can also combine different types of lighting to create the perfect elegant atmosphere in your entryway.


You can let in plenty of natural light with windows around and above the door or skylights. The design, style, and placement of the windows can add a unique, elegant design element to your entryway while also allowing natural light to illuminate the room.

Overhead Lighting Fixtures

Overhead lighting fixtures provide light to a room and can also be a design element that enhances it as well. A chandelier is the pinnacle of an elegant overhead lighting fixture. But, you don’t need to feel like a traditional chandelier look is your only option. There are tons of design options available that allows you to go with a more traditional look, something more modern, or something in between.

Spot Lighting

Spot lighting allows you to highlight specific design elements, illuminate places that would otherwise be dark, and more. When it comes to spot lighting, recessed lighting and pendant lighting are a couple of the more popular options. Recessed lighting is a great way to illuminate a room or a specific area without losing vertical space. Although pendant lighting does take up some vertical space, there is also more flexibility and versatility with design in the fixtures.

Creating a beautiful entryway is all about getting all of the right elements in the right place. These tips will help you create an elegant entryway that is also beautiful and welcoming. An entryway should welcome you home. Does your current house feel like home and welcome you as you walk in the door? If not, you could remodel or it could be time to consider a custom home. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!