How to Incorporate Coastal Home Decor into Your Custom Home

July 19, 2018

Coastal home decor can add a touch of the beach and ocean breeze to your home without dealing with all the sand. By bringing a beachy inspiration to your interior design, you can have a look inspired by the summer all year round. Here’s how to incorporate coastal home decor into your custom home:

1. Coastal Colors

You can easily give a room a coastal or nautical look with some color. Blues and aquas can remind you of the bright, blue summer sky or the ocean waves. Pairing blue with lighter, more neutral colors, like beige, gray, and white can subtly suggest a nautical or coastal style. You can also incorporate some warmer colors like coral pink. Incorporating beachy colors like these into your decor is also one of many summer coastal decor ideas.

2. Make a Statement

Statement pieces can be a great way to incorporate coastal home decor into a room. An aqua rug or one featuring wavy or ocean-themed designs can be an easy way to add a touch of coastal decor without going overboard. Layered rugs, where the bottom layer is made of a natural fiber, is another way to incorporate some extra coastal flair. Shiplap walls or a shiplap accent wall adds a touch of a nautical theme to your walls.

You can also integrate driftwood, distressed wood, or warm wood furniture with sea-themed knobs and pulls. A custom glass tile accent or decoration can add an interesting touch reminiscent of beach glass to a room. You can even use a boat-shaped bookcase for a unique statement piece. If you’re planning on having fish anyway, you can also add an aquarium to the room to complete the look.

3. Airy Windows and Doors

Adding more windows into your room design allows more light into the room for a brighter atmosphere. Going with simple linen or a light fabric for curtains can add a breezy, airy look to your windows. You can also design a room to use multi-panel patio doors to gain a similar effect. Open concept windows and doors eliminate barriers, allow more light into a room, and make your space seem more open.

4. Ocean-Themed Details

Ensuring your accessories feature ocean-themed details can be an easy way to incorporate coastal home decor. Throw pillows or other fabrics can feature anchors, starfish, crabs, fish, and more. Welcome mats and rugs are another great place for sea-themed fabric.

If you have any souvenirs from previous beach trips, like old shells, you can include them in a centerpiece for the coffee table, slap them on a picture or mirror frame, or just put it in a jar with some sand and beach glass for a coastal decoration. Art pieces or pictures featuring beach or ocean views can be hung on the walls. You can also add a vintage coastal decoration with a classic ship in a bottle.

5. Bring in the Ocean Scent

Too much perfume can overwhelm a room, but a subtle scent can enhance a space. You can use candles, wax melts, incense, room sprays, or a reed or essential oil diffuser to give your room an ocean or beach-related scent. A subtle scent can give you that sense of being by the seaside without overwhelming the senses.

Coastal home decor is a great way to bring a bit of the beach into your home. With so many ideas of how to incorporate coastal home decor into your custom home, you’re bound to find a look you love. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to get on the path towards your dream home today!