6 Summer Coastal Decor Ideas

September 19, 2019

If you think of the beach when you think of summer, coastal decor could be the interior design style for you. Even if you won’t be making a trip to the beach, coastal decor allows you to bring that refreshing ocean breeze and beach feel to your home. Here are some summer coastal decor ideas to inspire you:

1. Go With a Nautical Theme

One of the biggest summer coastal decor ideas is to outfit your rooms with a nautical theme. Blue and white stripes, indigo blue, navy blue, lighter shades of blue, and turquoise tend to be colors associated with a nautical theme. Using these colors in your decor can give you a subtle nautical look without going overboard.

If you want to go all out, you can include prints that feature anchors, ships, lighthouses, and more. Rope accents can also give you that nautical feel when paired with other items. Whether you go with more subtle accents or a full-out nautical overhaul, there are a ton of nautical interior design ideas to make this decor theme work for you.

2. Include Furniture Reminiscent of a Beach Cottage

Wicker, bamboo, and rattan furniture can give a room a beach cottage look. Seagrass or sisal mats, carpets, or rugs can also add that woven, natural look common to coastal decor. Think about lightweight and lighter-colored durable furniture that uses natural materials and consider which ones fit with your home. You can go with something more standard like a chair or a side table or something more unique like a hanging basket chair.

3. Pick Beachy Colors

Although blues and a blue and white combination tend to be associated with a nautical theme, you can use lighter, paler colors to achieve a beachy look and feel. Sand, ivory, cream, soft pink, and beige tend to be colors that can help you create a relaxing beach look in a room, especially when paired with natural wood tones. Furniture, pillows, or blankets in these colors paired with other coastal decor items can make your room reminiscent of a beach getaway.

4. Add Natural Wood Tones to Your Decor

Natural wood tones can add a sense of coastal living to your decor and consistently tops the list when it comes to summer decor trends. You can go more obvious with repurposed driftwood or weathered wood furniture and accents. You can also use materials like wicker, rattan, and other wood tones.

Whether it’s a bookshelf, a chair, a table, or just a decorative accent, they can add some summer coastal decor and a beachy feel to your home. These are just a few of the many ways to incorporate natural wood into your custom home.

5. Throw in Obvious Coastal References

You can also add some summer coastal decor to your home just by adding small obvious coastal references. Plates that feature sea animals, sea glass-colored glasses, a jar of sand and shells, actual driftwood, a ship in a bottle, netting, rope, starfish prints, pictures of the ocean, and more can all be used to add a little bit of beach and coastal living to any room of your home.

6. Use Shiplap or Beadboard

Shiplap or beadboard can be used as decorative wall paneling to provide a coastal decor look.


Shiplap is a type of trim that is characterized by horizontal boards that partially overlap the board below it. Sometimes, with interior uses, it is installed so it does not overlap and instead has a small gap between each board.

Not only can this style give a room a coastal or farmhouse look, but it can also make a room appear larger because it emphasizes the height of the room and draws the eye upwards. It comes in several natural wood tones, but can also be painted to stand out or match an overall theme.


Beadboard is characterized by vertical boards that interlock side-by-side with a tongue and groove fitting. It adds an interesting look and decorative element to a wall and can also be used on the ceiling. Plus, like shiplap, it comes in several different types of wood and can also be painted.

Beadboard offers a versatile look that can fit with several interior design themes depending on the decor and styles you include with it, which makes it a great fit for coastal decor and for a homeowner that likes to play with different decor styles.

A small amount of coastal decor can go a long way in giving your home a refreshing, beachy look and feel. Plus, there are a ton of options available and a wide variety of ways to use all of them in order to incorporate coastal home decor. These summer coastal decor ideas are just a small sample of what you can do.

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