How to Make a Cold Bathroom Warmer

March 7, 2019

A chilly bathroom or freezing bathroom floor may help wake you up in the morning, but it doesn’t tend to be something anyone looks forward to or enjoys. When the last thing you want is a cold bathroom, there are plenty of things you can add to your bathroom to help warm it up. Whether you have to deal with a cold bathroom now or you’re in the process of designing a bathroom for your custom home, here’s how to make a cold bathroom warmer:

1. Include Radiant-Heated Floors in Your Bathroom Design

If you’re in the process of designing the bathrooms for your custom home, consider including radiant-heated floors in your bathroom. Using under-tile floor mats to distribute heat underneath the floor, radiant-heated bathroom floors can help keep your bathroom at a comfortable temperature, especially in the winter. Nothing wards off the chill faster than heated bathroom floors. Plus, you won’t need to worry about dealing with a space heater.

2. Lay Down a Cozy, Warm Rug

The bath mat doesn’t have to be the only floor covering in your bathroom. Sure, it’s nice to step out onto it after a bath or shower, but what about when you’re standing in front of the vanity?

A small area rug in front of your vanity can help ward off the chill and give you a comfortable place to stand while you get ready. You can help prevent potential slips and slides by adding a rug pad or rug tape underneath it. Plus, it’s easily added or removed if it’s not something you want to use year-round.

3. Consider Heated Towel Bars

Heated towels are a luxurious way to get a burst of warmth after stepping out of the shower or bath. To get toasty towels at just the right temperature, consider adding heated towel bars to your bathroom. This is a subtle way to add a spa-like feel and upgrade your current bathroom or bathroom design with some luxury, comfort, and relaxation.

4. Choose Bathtub Materials that Retain Heat

A chilly bathroom can also cool off your bathwater faster than you would like and cut your relaxing soak short. If you decide that you want to include a bathtub in your bathroom design, you can help retain some warmth longer by choosing a bathtub material that retains heat.

Copper, limestone, soapstone, brass, and more tend to retain heat. Choosing a bathtub with a material like this can help keep bathwater warm longer, so you can fully enjoy a long soak when you want to have one.

5. Think About a Steam Shower

If you’re more of a shower person or just want to make sure you have the shower option available, think about including a steam shower in your bathroom design. A steam shower is an upgrade to your standard walk-in shower unit.

It’s essentially built to be a steam room that also offers all the typical features you would find in a bathroom shower. In addition to a luxurious spa-like treatment, you have options. You can relax in the steam before or after a shower, after a workout to soothe sore muscles, or just whenever you want to take an in-home trip to the spa.

6. Evaluate an In-Home Sauna

If you decide to have a steam shower, an in-home sauna is probably unnecessary. But, if you’d prefer a standard walk-in shower unit and still want some extra heat, you can consider adding an in-home sauna to your bathroom design. You’ll need to set aside the extra space for it and follow some home sauna design tips, but it can be well worth it for the extra relaxation and warmth you’ll receive in exchange.

7. Look Into Adding a Fireplace

Another way to make a cold bathroom warmer and add a luxurious element to your bathroom design is to add a fireplace. You don’t want to go slapping any fireplace into your bathroom; you want to make sure you’re using a bathroom fireplace that is built specifically for the space. Your custom home builder can help you with finding bathroom-safe appliances to choose from that also match your overall design and decor.

Not only can all of these options make for a more comfortable bathroom, but they are also often at the top of popular bathroom design trends. When it comes to making a cold bathroom warmer, there are several options available, especially if you’re in the design process for bathrooms in a custom home. If you’re ready for your own custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to make your dream home a reality!