4 Mistakes to Avoid with Hygge Decor

August 13, 2019

One of the best things about choosing a style of décor for your home is that there is such a vast number of options available. One of the worst things about choosing a style of décor for your home can be that there is such a vast number of options available! If you happen to find yourself in that stressful place of “paralysis by analysis”, it may be time to seriously consider Hygge décor. By virtue, Hygge décor eliminates a lot of stress, because it finds its roots in the belief that simplicity can be beautiful, calming, and peaceful. Still, there is a difference between just doing Hygge décor, and doing it right! Here are some common mistakes to avoid with Hygge decor:

Mistake #1 – Going for Cozy and Ending up With Clutter

The simplicity of Hygge lends itself to creating a warm, peaceful, and inviting atmosphere. This style can be a great choice for smaller living spaces because its simplicity allows the room to preserve an open and uncluttered appearance, which also often makes it appear larger. These spaces often end up as cozy common areas for the family or perhaps a quiet small room for reading or meditation.

But, you want to avoid the temptation to over-decorate. The essence of Hygge is in its simplicity and comfort. While it can be easy to evaluate the space and think it looks a bit bare, be sure to keep in mind that proper Hygge décor, and its benefits, are best achieved by keeping spaces free of clutter. You do want to be comfortable and create a cozy hygge room, but you also want to avoid clutter. Clutter can quickly equate to stress and a crowded decorating style can become a maintenance burden. Be sure to take the time to find ways to make the space cozy while also keeping it clutter-free.

Mistake #2 – Making the Atmosphere Too Busy or Overwhelming

While it is easy to quickly over-decorate the room and fail to achieve that calming, simple space you were initially going for, it is likewise easy to swing-and-miss when it comes to the atmosphere you create in the room. One of the mistakes to avoid with hygge decor is making the atmosphere too busy or overwhelming.

Rooms that are decorated with a Hygge style should be preserved as more serene and peaceful spaces in the home. Preferably, the atmosphere shouldn’t be overrun by digital media elements. Likewise, it may miss the mark if you are attempting to decorate a game or rec room in the home with Hygge décor since these areas are typically centers of more rambunctious types of entertainment.

Mistake #3 – Having Limited or Uncomfortable Seating

You do want to keep things simple and avoid clutter, but you also want to make sure there is enough furniture in the room – especially when it comes to seating. The room you are decorating should not end up feeling empty to the point of being an uninviting space or appearing unfinished. Along those same lines, it is important to have adequate seating so that the room is functional. To be functional, it is also imperative that the seating you choose is comfortable and lends itself to stress-free, peaceful relaxation.

With a simple, approach to décor and interior design comes the temptation to take such a minimalist approach that the furniture is anything but comfortable and doesn’t provide enough seating for the entire family or for guests. A better approach is to save space by foregoing excessive decorations that would create clutter in the room and use that available space more efficiently by adding additional seating. The furniture you choose should be both simple and comfortable. You can oftentimes get away with adding a little more seating in a room without it diminishing the effects of the Hygge style you are going for.

Mistake #4 – Picking Things Based on Trends Instead of What You Like

Following trends isn’t automatically a bad thing. In fact, many styles of home décor gain popularity because they are trendy and then stick around because they work. What should be avoided is going with a current trend that is outside of your own tastes and preferences. You want to do it because you like the way it looks and functions, not just because everyone else is doing it.

Likewise, try to avoid decorations and features that appear gimmicky or seem like their popularity will have a short shelf-life. You will be living with your décor choices for a significant amount of time, and for that reason, your choices should favor things that are both appealing to you and have more of those timeless characteristics.

The great thing about Hygge is that, although there are a few “don’ts” to bear in mind, there are many, many more “dos”! Keeping away from these mistakes to avoid with hygge decor can help you focus more on the “dos”. Even amongst the simplicity of this type of décor, there are a vast number of ways to let your imagination run and create a unique and customized space in your new home that will be enjoyed for years to come. Hygge décor provides many benefits to your wellbeing and can help to facilitate a stress-free environment that allows you to better enjoy the beautiful journey of life.

Keep your stress level low during your custom home journey and partner with a custom home builder who has an in-house design/build process. They can help you handle the details and keep the experience a positive one. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!