7 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

April 28, 2020

When you get the chance to design and build your own custom home, every detail is designed to suit your style and needs. For many homeowners, modern farmhouse is the look they want in their custom home, both on the inside and the outside. If you think this is the right style for you, here are some modern farmhouse exterior design ideas to inspire you:

What is Modern Farmhouse?

Modern farmhouse combines a cozy, rustic farmhouse aesthetic with the clean, sleek lines common to contemporary design. The result is a uniquely modernized take on simple and fresh country living.

This mix of farmhouse and contemporary results in a warm atmosphere with a simple look and feel and a modern twist. Natural textures and materials mixed with smooth lines and glossy accents are common with modern farmhouse. Neutrals may be the colors of choice, but there is still space for bright and bold hues.

7 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Getting the modern farmhouse look inside your custom home is one thing. Getting the right look on the outside of your custom home is another thing entirely. Here are some modern farmhouse exterior design ideas to help you get this look from the ground up:

1. Pair Crisp Paint Colors With Rustic Texture

Because modern farmhouse is all about creating a rustic farmhouse with a contemporary twist, you can get the look on the exterior by pairing a rustic texture with crisp, high-gloss paint colors. It’s common to see things like white board and batten siding paired with high-gloss black trim or a black painted front door and a dark roof. This is one of the popular color combinations for your home exterior.

Considering the style you’re going for with your home, how much contrast you want, light, and more are all tips for choosing exterior colors for your custom home and can help you get the look you want. Starting with classic farmhouse combinations and putting a modern twist on them can help you narrow down color options and texture combinations that get you a modern farmhouse exterior that you’ll love.

2. Combine Black, White, and Natural Wood

Black and white combinations can give just about anything a classic, elegant, and contemporary look. The same is true with the exterior of your modern farmhouse. You can also include natural wood in your exterior with either black, white, or both to help create a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

One of the most popular combinations is white siding with dark trim. Soft pastel siding with brown or red trim is a combination that is gaining ground as well. White windows with black shutters are another common element in a modern farmhouse exterior.

Conversely, black windows with white trim are another popular combination. Light-colored or warm-colored stone or bricks painted white paired with siding is becoming more popular as modern farmhouse exterior design continues to evolve.

3. Use Industrial-Inspired Outdoor Light Fixtures

Your outdoor lighting options may not be the biggest element of your home’s exterior design. But, they can still contribute to the overall look and feel and help you create the aesthetic you want. Using industrial-inspired light fixtures next to your front door, on your porch, over the garage, etc. can help you add a modern element to your farmhouse exterior.

4. Opt for Carriage House Garage Doors

Whether they’re in stark white with black handles and accents, in a natural wood color, or something else, carriage house garage doors can add a modern farmhouse element to your custom home’s exterior.

Plus, this type of garage door comes in a wide variety of styles and designs. So, you’re bound to find the perfect fit to complete your modern farmhouse. And, matching the style of the garage door to the style of your home is one of the tips for choosing the right garage door for your custom home.

5. Go for a Gable Roof

A gable roof, where two roof sections slope in opposite directions and meet to form the roof ridge, is a popular exterior home feature regardless of style. But, it has also become a classic element of modern farmhouse exteriors.

A gable that uses board and batten siding or cedar shakes can add texture to a modern farmhouse look. At the same time, a gable with smooth siding can offset and contrast a modern farmhouse exterior that focuses more on natural materials for the majority of its siding.

6. Enhance a Wrap-Around Porch

Not only are there many wrap-around porch benefits, but this design element is also a classic farmhouse exterior design element. On top of that, you can enhance it with some contemporary elements to make it more modern farmhouse than traditional. Ample windows that look into an open floor plan and wrought iron or steel and wood columns can help add a modern aesthetic to this classic farmhouse element.

7. Consider a Cobblestone Driveway or Walkway

Cobblestone harkens back to an old-world look and feel and can also help you create a modern farmhouse look. Plus, it adds texture on top of creating a unique and interesting aesthetic. And, with stamped concrete and manufactured materials, you can get a cobblestone look for your driveway or a walkway that is both durable and low-maintenance.

These are just a few modern farmhouse exterior design ideas to get you started. Modern farmhouse is just one of the popular types of farmhouse styles and there are plenty of options to help you get the look you want. If you’re ready to start bringing your own modern farmhouse to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!