4 Useful Mudroom Design Tips

August 16, 2022

When thinking about your custom home design, take a few minutes to consider a mudroom. Mudrooms are the perfect places to keep the outdoors out and the indoors clean. You can do a lot with a mudroom, especially if you consider the ways you want to use it during design. Here are some useful mudroom design tips:

1. Consider Storage Needs

When planning the perfect mudroom for you, it’s important to consider your current and future storage needs. Getting the right mix of storage solutions is one of the biggest mudroom organization tips. Why trip all over all that stuff in your closet, deal with unnecessary clutter, or take up valuable space in the garage when you can store it all in a mudroom instead?

When thinking of what to include in a mudroom, consider coat racks for coats and sweaters as well as bins or drawers for hats and gloves. If there are pets in the family or plans to add them, it may make sense to include some hooks for dog leashes. Including enough space for a dog kennel is also a good thought. You can also include a pet-washing station, which is one of the pet-friendly custom home design ideas that often fits perfectly in a mudroom.

2. Provide Enough Seating and Room to Grow

In custom homes, built-in cabinets and mudroom lockers, drawers, and benches would be ideal to keep the room tidy and organized. Including a storage bench with cubicles underneath gives you a space to sit to put on or take off shoes and it also provides an area for you to temporarily put things you’re carrying to free up your hands to remove coats, shoes, etc.

Plus, the cubbies under the bench are the perfect place to store shoes! Make sure you include enough square footage to grow into if necessary. Enough seating plus the room you need to grow are essential to the perfect mudroom.

3. Partition the Space

Also, try to partition your hanging sections; one for each household member. It gives everyone a place to keep what’s important to them. Kids can store their backpacks and lunch boxes and adults can use theirs for briefcases and such. Don’t be afraid to get creative; you can also partition by storage needs as well.

If you have kids or an active lifestyle, you can design space for sports equipment. Store your baseball, football, basketball, or hockey equipment in bins, cabinets, or hooks. With a place to store your gym bag and a key rack, your mudroom becomes the automatic place to rid yourself of your outdoor gear or get ready to set off for your next adventure.

4. Include Extra Features for Efficiency

Once you have your storage needs nailed down, one of the mudroom design tips is to start thinking about adding extra features for comfort, convenience, and efficiency. There are plenty of mudroom ideas available to help you design the perfect mudroom for your needs.

Choose Durable Flooring

One important thing to consider is the flooring in your mudroom. Linoleum, tile, or concrete can be used for a durable and long-lasting mudroom floor that is also easy to clean. It’s also not unheard of to incorporate a drain in the floor to further aid in the cleaning process.

What’s important here is a low-maintenance and durable material. You want something that is easy to clean and maintain and that will stand up to years of heavy use.

Determine the Location of the Entrance

A side entrance is usually preferred so that your family is comfortable going in and out, yet your guests won’t view it upon their arrival. A door leading into the main part of the house also helps create boundaries for the pets and people. Many mudrooms are located just off the kitchen, which tends to create a more natural and logical flow into the house.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

Natural lighting can help create a comfortable atmosphere in your mudroom and give it a light and airy look. Including windows in your mudroom design is a great way to incorporate natural lighting into the room.

You also want to have sufficient lighting during the night or on dark or overcast days. There are plenty of lighting options to choose from. A popular option is recessed lighting simply because it provides extra light in the space without taking up valuable room.

Think About Flexible/Combined Rooms

Another option is to turn your mudroom into a flex room. You can combine your laundry room and your mudroom for an efficient space. Just think how nice it could be to come in full of mud and have a sink available to wash off the worst of it and then deposit your dirty, wet clothes directly into the washer.

Another terrific idea would be to have a bathroom adjoin your mudroom so that you can also step quickly into the shower if necessary. These are great options for active homeowners and families whose activities result in a lot of dirty, muddy clothes, shoes, and equipment, especially if they also have pets.

There are plenty of benefits of a mudroom that make it an attractive addition to a custom home design. The perfect mudrooms have a country feel to them with plenty of space, light, and versatility. With these mudroom design tips, you can make it a room that’s pleasant to be in with lots of storage and convenience.

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