7 Mudroom Ideas for Your Custom Home

December 5, 2019

When you are considering all the amazing possibilities and options for your new, custom dream home, be sure to give a little extra thought to a functional and efficient mudroom. Mudrooms are great additions to any house. When you are in the planning phases of a new home, it gives you a unique opportunity to incorporate features that will keep your house looking neat and tidy while simultaneously saving you valuable time and energy through better functionality. Mudrooms check off all these boxes, and while any mudroom is better than no mudroom, there are certainly some ideas and layouts that will take this area of your new home to the next level! Here are a few mudroom ideas for your custom home to inspire you:

1. Combine the Laundry Room and Mudroom

A mudroom that doubles as a laundry room is a great space saver. It is a fantastic way to combine several parts of the home that you typically want to keep out of view of your guests. By utilizing the same space for the general mudroom and the laundry room, you are able to save square footage in the rest of your home that would be used for the laundry room.

Plus, many of the best flooring for laundry rooms also work well for mudrooms, whether you decide to combine spaces or not. Since mudrooms serve as a place to remove wet, muddy, or otherwise dirty clothing, having the washing machine in the mudroom creates a great amount of efficiency and convenience. This is one of the mudroom design tips that can help you create the perfect mudroom and free up square footage in the rest of your home design.

2. Create a Coat Room

Some homeowners choose to line a wall of their mudroom with a coat rack. This is certainly an option and it will keep coats from cluttering hallways and entryways in the home. You can take this concept a step further by creating an enclosed coat room to complement your mudroom or at the very least having a coat closet framed out.

This is a great way to keep the mudroom orderly and keep bulky winter coats and clothing out of the way during the time of year that they are not in use. Having a separate coat room adjacent to your mudroom is a great way to create a convenient and localized place for guests to hang jackets that doesn’t require them to traverse through the entire home to a master bedroom or second-story hall closet.

3. Store Off-Season Clothes and Rarely Used Items

Mudrooms are a great place to store items that are used seasonally. Some seasonal use items aren’t good candidates for storing in garages or sheds. A climate-controlled environment, such as a mudroom, is a fantastic option and a great place to store these types of items.

Bulky winter clothing and jackets can take up a lot of space in smaller bedroom closets. Delegating these items to the mudroom saves space and helps to maintain a clutter-free environment in the rest of the home.

4. Design a Pet Wash Station

If you have a pet, you can designate your new mudroom as ground-zero for pet bathing. This is one of the pet-friendly custom home design ideas. There are many benefits to this approach and one of the biggest is that it keeps mud and fur in a centralized location and not in one of the main bathrooms.

Mudrooms tend to feature a hard surface flooring, such as tile or water-proof laminates. This gives them the durability to withstand frequent pet-bathing while also making clean-up significantly easier. If you are incorporating a pet washing station within your mudroom, think out-of-the-box a bit and consider installing a raised tub or washbasin.

This can serve as a convenient sink to quickly wash up after a day of outside chores, a place to hand wash delicate garments, and a perfect place to wash your canine friend. By installing a raised tub, you will be able to eliminate the need to bend over or kneel while washing your pet, which makes it easier and faster to complete the task.

5. Make a Fully-Functional Storage Space

Think about ways to create a functional and efficient storage space in your mudroom. This is one of the best mudroom organization tips. Depending on what things you will be storing, shelving or cabinet space can be added or designed to meet all your needs. 

There are plenty of options for shelving and rack systems and there are near endless configurations that will allow you to fully customize this space. Consider if a few cabinets and a bit of counter space will serve your purposes better than open shelving and racks or perhaps a combination of both is the best option.

6. Use Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint on at least one of your mudroom walls provides a unique touch to this space. Chalkboard paint allows for chore and grocery lists to be quickly updated. If you head to work before your children leave for school, having a place to write reminders or quick notes is a great perk. Use your creativity when planning out your new mudroom and you will undoubtedly think of other awesome possibilities just like this!

7. Add a Rolling Ladder and Vertical Storage

When looking for more space, you can build out or you can build up! Another one of the great mudroom ideas is to add vertical storage and even a rolling ladder! Don’t miss out on all the space available for storage in your new mudroom. Floor-to-ceiling shelving is a possibility in these areas of the home. Shelves or cabinets can be placed above the washing machine and dryer units to take advantage of this empty space.

The key to keeping these storage options efficient is to make sure that accessibility remains reasonably convenient. A great way to provide access to higher shelves is to incorporate a rolling ladder that tracks along the built-in shelving unit. Not only is this a convenient way to access this additional storage space, but it will also give the mudroom a unique aesthetic!

When planning out your new mudroom for your brand-new dream home, be sure to keep your mind open and explore all of the possibilities. These are just a few mudroom ideas for your custom home, but there are so many options and possibilities for this space. Taking the time to think about what you need and want in this space can help you achieve the perfect mudroom.

It just takes a creative mind and an experienced home builder, who shares your vision, to make your dreams a reality. If you would like to start the conversation about planning your new custom dream home, give Custom Home Group a call today at 717-284-4090.