7 Popular Shower Storage Solutions

July 9, 2020

An organized shower is key to a clean and tidy bathroom area. Having adequate storage space within both the bathroom and the shower itself is essential. Here are a few popular shower storage solutions that can help you create a more functional shower and bathroom:

1. Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves are perfect for storing soaps, shampoos, and other shower supplies. They are also a great way to use wall space in the shower without taking up a lot of available space. Plus. you can often combine other shower niche ideas and storage options with built-in shelving to provide additional space.

2. Wall Caddy

A wall caddy is a handy option for shower storage. It can be moved or replaced and it usually will offer a surprising amount of storage capacity. Various designs and configurations are available, from those that hang over the showerhead to some which hook over a curtain rod or shower door, and more. Many wall caddies will also feature hooks for washcloths or loofahs to be hung to dry.

3. Corner Shelves

Not only are corner shelves one of the great bathroom storage solutions available, but they are also a great option for shower storage solutions. Corner shelves put the unused space within the shower to work to provide an abundance of storage for your bathroom necessities. And, they can be built into a custom shower or you can get a less permanent unit that secures by suction or tension.

4. Suctioned Organizers

Organizers equipped with suction cups to attach to your shower’s walls are common and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These removable organizers are practical and efficient ways to conveniently organize a lot of “stuff” in your shower. They can be removed to make cleaning the shower much easier and they are an economical option.

5. Hanging Mesh Organizer

A hanging mesh organizer provides pockets for the storage of many shower essentials. The pockets are mesh to allow for water to drain. A mesh organizer may be hung from the shower curtain bar, over the door, or the showerhead.

6. Shower Curtains With Storage Pockets

A shower curtain with pockets effectively offers the same benefits of a mesh organizer with the pockets already incorporated in the curtain itself. This reduces the need to purchase another item to hang in your shower and keeps the shower free of extras and clutter. It is also very inconspicuous since the storage pockets are only visible from inside of the shower.

7. Corner Bath Table/Bench

A corner bath table or bench is an extremely convenient feature. Walk-in showers that are large enough to accommodate a corner table or bench can have an additional storage option in the shower that also enhances the aesthetics of the bathroom.

There is a wide range of styles and options for corner bath tables, so be sure to match the table to the décor style of your bathroom. If your shower will feature a half-wall, one of the useful half-wall shower ideas is to turn it into a bench and add some storage. 

Forgetting to include enough storage in your bathroom is one of the common bathroom design mistakes to avoid and that includes storage in your shower. These are just a few of the popular shower storage solutions you can mix and match to get the storage space you need and the clean, uncluttered bathroom you want.

If your current bathroom and your current house just aren’t cutting it, you can try to remodel and redecorate. Or, you could invest in a custom home that is designed and built to your specifications. If you want to get started on the path to your dream home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090.