8 Snow Day Activities to Combat Cabin Fever

February 2, 2017

Snow days can be a lovely gift of relaxation and fun for kids and adults alike. But, multiple snow days in a row can bring on some feelings of going stir-crazy. Here are some fun snow day activities to combat cabin fever that your family can try:

1. Window Painting

With a few simple items you probably already have, window painting is a fun activity for both kids and adults. You need some masking tape, watercolor paints (or any washable paint that has been watered down), and newspaper.

Start by choosing the window or windows. Pick ones that are easy for your child to reach and also a window that you don’t mind having covered up with paint for a while. Next, tape a border on the glass so your child knows to not paint the window pane. Put down some newspaper to catch any drips or spills.

Now you can watch your kids’ creativity unfold, and you can join in on the fun, too! After the novelty has worn off, the paint simply washes off with soap and water.

2. Bake Some Cookies

Get out those baking sheets! Even though it might be a bit cliché, baking cookies is a fun and delicious snow day activity. You can either make cookies from scratch or use a premade mix.

Baking cookies is a great way to have some fun, but it also is a great teachable moment, too. Teaching kids how to measure ingredients and follow directions are great skills to master. Enjoy your cookies with a movie and hot cocoa!

3. Indoor Skate Rink

If the weather outside is unpleasant, an indoor skate rink is a fun way for your kids to burn off some energy! An empty garage or unfinished basement is a great space to use. Be sure your space is cleared of furniture, valuables, and pets.

Then, set your kids loose to roller skate or rollerblade. They’ll enjoy the novelty of skating indoors and you will enjoy the inevitable quiet time that follows.

4. Snow Paint

Grab some watercolor paints, some brushes, and head outside! Simply paint on the snow and see what creativity your family comes up with.

The best part? No cleanup is required; the paint disappears as the snow melts. This is a great snow day activity that combats cabin fever.

5. Candy Cane Hunt

A candy cane hunt is a fun way to help your kids expend some extra energy. And, if you don’t have candy canes, you can use just about any candy. All you need to do is throw the candy throughout your home and let your children go on the hunt for the candy.

If possible, try to get them to clean as they search. That way, the kids can enjoy their candy while you enjoy a cleaner home with less clutter.

6. Indoor Picnic

Picnics aren’t just for the outdoors. Enjoy an indoor picnic in the cozy comfort of your home while the snow falls gently outside.

Make some sandwiches, gather some snacks, and pick a fun beverage. Lay a blanket out on the floor of your living room or family room and enjoy a new dining location!

7. Have a Dance Party

A great way to get some energy out is to have a dance party! Pick out some fun, upbeat tunes and let your kids show off their moves. Your kids will be too busy having fun to realize how much exercise they’re getting in.

Have some built-in quiet time afterward so you have some peace and quiet. Kids can read or quietly play after expending all that energy.

8. Make Bird Treats

The birds around your home will love a snack on snow days. Make some homemade bird treats to hang outside. Or, simply string popcorn and cranberries on fishing line or string to create a garland to hang on trees.

As the birds nibble on the treats, teach your kids the different birds that show up. Consult a birding book or a birding app if you’re unsure. Plus, doing some things to attract wildlife to your backyard, like birds for birdwatching, is one of the ways to create a kid-friendly backyard.

Snow days should be fun and relaxing! But, if energy starts to build up, keep these snow day activities to combat cabin fever in mind or try some winter crafts for kids to do something fun! Either way, some home ideas for dealing with cabin fever can help you make sure you have enough space for all types of activities, or a place to escape for some peace and quiet.