Wine Storage Solutions for Your Custom Home

October 25, 2018

Building a custom home is an exciting time. Working with a custom home builder, you get to design a home and have it built to suit your needs and specifications. When you have a dedicated hobby or interest, you can get really creative and plan for specific rooms to support them. Wine connoisseurs can plan to have built-in wine storage solutions in their custom homes that also account for temperature. Depending on whether you want to be able to serve reds, whites, or both, you’ll need warm or cold storage available. Here are some wine storage solutions for your custom home:

1. Wine Cellar

For serious wine collectors and connoisseurs who are likely to have a larger collection, a wine cellar can be the perfect addition to your custom home. A wine cellar gives you a dedicated space to securely store your wine. Plus, it can be built to offer temperature-controlled storage. Depending on how much space you need, you can use your entire basement for wine storage and turn it into a wine tasting paradise complete with tables and comfortable seating.

If you don’t want that much space, you can dedicate a portion of your finished basement to wine storage and then use the rest of the space for another purpose. In addition, you can mix and match storage types to create the perfect wine storage solution for you. This could mean a mix of wine racks and cabinet storage complete with a chiller or something else entirely. These are all home wine cellar ideas you can consider for your custom home design.

2. Wine Room

Although a wine cellar suggests a basement location, you can create a wine room out of any room in your home. Spare bedrooms, an extra closet, or an extra space in your custom home can easily transform into a wine storage space to fit your needs. The layout of the room and the amount of storage space you want to dedicate to wine will help you decide on what type of storage or mix of storage solutions are a good fit for you.

You can also integrate smaller wine storage solutions into a room that serves an ancillary purpose. If you enjoy relaxing with a book and a glass of wine every now and then, and are planning to have a home library, a small wine chiller in a home library could be the perfect wine storage solution for you. A formal sitting room or dining room that you know will be hosting plenty of social hours in the future could be another good place for wine storage.

3. Cabinet Storage

Cabinet storage can be a great wine storage solution for fans who will only need to store a few bottles at a time. Having a cabinet dedicated to wine storage keeps bottles safe and secure without taking up storage space in other areas. It also keeps wine close to the kitchen to make it easier to pick a pairing for a more formal dinner. Cabinets can also be integrated into a wine cellar or room to create varying types of storage.

4. Wine Racks

Wine racks are highly customizable and provide a variety of wine storage solutions. Full-length wine racks can provide floor to ceiling storage in a wine cellar or in a dedicated portion of a room. Smaller countertop versions are available to secure and display a small collection of wine bottles. Wine racks can also be combined with cabinet storage to create a storage solution that keeps bottles secure and organized behind a cabinet door.

5. Pull-Out Shelving

Pull-out shelving is a great way to store a few bottles of wine without taking up valuable storage space. Pull-out shelving can be integrated into a kitchen counter and cabinet layout so that storage is available, but is kept mostly out of the way. This also leaves the rest of your cabinets available for everything else you need to store in your kitchen. You can even use pull-out shelving to store both wine bottles and wine glasses to free up even more space in your other cabinets.

6. Under-the-Counter Wine Fridge

An under-the-counter wine fridge is a great solution for the wine connoisseur that wants to keep wine storage in the kitchen and also needs to keep it chilled without taking up space in the main refrigerator. Having a wine fridge under the counter provides compact, secure, and out-of-the-way storage for your wine, which makes it easy to keep chilled bottles on hand for when you need them.

An under-the-counter wine fridge can also act as a chiller in another room and doesn’t necessarily need to be placed under a counter to be used for wine storage. It can also be a great item to incorporate along with other home bar design ideas if you want to add a bar to your custom home design.

With all the wine storage solutions available, wine storage is not relegated to only the basement or the kitchen. You can get really creative with placement and storage type; it all depends on your lifestyle and how you plan to use each room in your home. For help in planning your custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to make your dream home a reality!