10 Black Bedroom Ideas to Consider For Your Home

August 1, 2023

For a long time now, all-white bedrooms have been a popular trend. However, black bedrooms are also rising in popularity. This style can be overwhelming but there are so many style possibilities that won’t feel too dark or moody. Here are a few black bedroom ideas to try:

1. Light Things Up

In such a dark room, it’s very important to have good lighting. A good rule to follow with lighting is to make sure you have general, task, and accent lighting. This can be achieved by layering lighting, which is a popular home lighting trend.

Incorporate floor and bedside lamps, pendant lighting, and even recessed lighting to achieve a well-lit bedroom. Mixing and layering these lights will give your room some dimension and character.

2. Incorporate Patterns

To avoid not having enough dimension in your room, try adding patterns into your decor. You can even decorate with patterned black wallpaper. Using black patterned wallpaper is a gothic home decor trend to try out in your bedroom.

Try adding patterns in other ways, too. Choose a geometric rug for an art deco look. Add some subtle animal prints. Or, for an opulent look, choose furniture or lighting with brass, silver, or gold finishes. What’s more iconic than a black and gold combination?

3. Accessorize With Color

You don’t have to have an all-black room to try this trend. You can simply paint your walls with black paint and then add pops of color. Or, try a custom accent wall in black if you’re not ready to commit to all-black walls.

Almost any color can pair with black. Think about the mood you’d like to create. If you want a fun and cheery vibe, choose bright pops of color and lighter finishes, like silver or white. If you want a serene and calm room, pair black with soft hues, like baby blue and creamy yellow.

Play Up Neutrals

If you’re wondering how to decorate with neutrals, try it out in an all-black bedroom. The neutrals offer some softness and contrast to a dark color. Incorporate neutrals via art, bedding, or lighting fixtures. It’s such a classic combination that is sure to create a relaxing and classy space.

Accent With Pops of Green

Green complements black well. Adding pops of green will turn heads, plus add some earthy elements. Forest green bedding paired with black walls will invoke a dreamy nighttime woodland feeling.

If you prefer a lighter feel, try mint or pistachio. You still can bring that earthy feel to your room, but it will keep the room from feeling overwhelmingly dark. Or, mix and match various earth tones for an eclectic vibe that still feels cohesive.

Soften Black With Light Pink

If you want a black bedroom but prefer a softer look, decorate with shades of light pink. Light pink isn’t just for kids – it’s quite a sophisticated color, especially when paired with black. Light pink bedding and wall art softens the harshness of black, making your bedroom feel warm and cozy.

4. Channel the Modern Farmhouse Design

Black is a staple in modern farmhouse design, especially when paired with crisp white and natural elements, like wood. Pair all white or other neutral bedding with a wooden bed frame or headboard. Wooden shelves with some floral elements will tie this modern farmhouse design all together.

5. Add Board and Batten

Adding a geometric board and batten pattern will give your black bedroom a modern feel. It’ll break up the plain black while still sticking with the same color. The addition of board and batten will add personality and an interesting focal point. This is a kitchen accent wall idea that can translate well to bedroom design and decor.

6. Incorporate Plants

Bringing the outdoors into your black bedroom is a great way to keep things fresh! Pick up some interesting pots or other planters and place them around your room.

If you want to make a statement, create a living wall. You can create a show-stopping wall of greenery by implementing a vertical indoor garden. Of course, there are a few mistakes to avoid with indoor vertical gardens, like not choosing the right plants or not picking the right location. But if you can get it right, you’ll have a unique wall that fills your room with greenery.

7. Add Some Mid-Century Design Elements

Black is a great canvas for mid-century design, which is why one of the black bedroom ideas is incorporating some mid-century elements. When paired with natural wood finishes and furniture, it allows black to be the star of the show. When it comes to furniture, add a few pieces of vintage furniture to complete the mid-century look.

8. Weave in Animal Print

Animal print and black are always a glamorous choice. Leopard print is a neutral color so it works well in a black bedroom. Try adding a leopard print rug or a throw blanket paired with pale pink bedding to balance everything out. To really play up the glamorous feel, add a crystal chandelier or pendant lighting.

9. Mix and Match Different Shades of Black

Believe it or not, there are different shades of black. Paint the walls in charcoal because it has a touch of blue in it. This touch of blue adds a sense of relaxation, perfect for a bedroom, and is one of the black bedroom ideas that can help add depth and variety to a monochromatic color palette.

Then, try ebony or onyx bedding or rugs. Add matte black lighting fixtures and satin or silk curtains for a bit of textural contrast. Velvet curtains in an intense ebony can also add an interesting luxe element, which is a popular home interior design trend.

10. Paint a Mural

While a mural can be a unique kitchen accent wall idea, it can work in a bedroom, too! An all-black wall is the perfect canvas for a fun, geometric mural. Choose a contrasting color such as white or light gray to make sure it stands out and catches the eye. If you want an art deco vibe, choose a metallic color such as silver, brass, or gold.

Get Your Dream Home With CHG

These are just a few black bedroom ideas to inspire your creativity. Working some of these ideas into your bedroom design will give your room a very dramatic look. However, if no amount of decorating your current home is appealing to you anymore, consider looking for a custom home designed to your liking as well as your needs. If you’re ready to start bringing your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!