6 Tips For Decorating With Animal Prints

May 16, 2024

Decorating with animal print can add some fun and whimsy to your home decor. However, without some intention and thought, animal prints can sometimes look tacky. But, don’t let this trend intimidate you if you want to try it out. Here are some tips for decorating with animal prints:

1. Pick the Right Print

It’s important to know which print works best for your interior design style before you decide how to decorate with animal print and you go out and purchase decor in animal prints. If your style tends to be fairly straightforward and traditional, leopard print might be the place to start. It adds just a hint of intrigue while still playing it safe.

However, if you’re looking to branch out and try something with more of a graphic pattern, zebra or tiger print might be the right fit for you. Cheetah print, with its warm brown color, is ideal for adding a touch of warmth and coziness to your home. This pattern works well with the Hygge style, which is a popular interior design trend.

2. Test The Waters With a Rug

If you want to test out the waters of decorating with animal prints, start with incorporating a rug. Not only are area rugs popular flooring trends, but also by keeping the print to the floor, you avoid overwhelming the room with a loud animal print.

If possible, choose a larger space to place the rug. Not only will it give the rug a chance to stand out, but it can also help you anchor the space. Using rugs in this function is one of the best ways to define spaces in an open-concept floor plan.

3. Think of Animal Prints as Neutrals

While some animal prints, like tiger or cheetah prints, come in bolder colors, others have a much more neutral color palette. If you want to incorporate animal print but prefer a neutral palette, stick to zebra or other neutral animal prints.

These neutral prints can be used in a variety of decor items. Try using them as accents in pillows or cozy throws. Using neutrals in accent decor is a great place to start when thinking about how to decorate with neutrals.

4. Freshen Up a Rustic Style Design

Animal prints work in a variety of design styles and they can even help freshen up a rustic style. Using a cowhide print rug is an easy way to give a rustic design a bit of whimsy while still sticking to the theme. Focusing on natural fabrics like cowhide is one of the best rustic interior design ideas to try in your home.

5. Try Animal Print Wallpaper

You don’t have to stick to accessories when it comes to decorating with animal print. There are plenty of animal print wallpaper options that are available to try. Bold patterns are one of the wallpaper trends and using animal print in wallpaper is one of the tips for decorating with animal prints.

There is also a lot of flexibility in how you incorporate it. Start small until you have a feel for the print and are sure you like it. If you find it works for your home, you can branch out into other rooms. Taking this approach to trying animal print is also one of the best tips for decorating with bold colors.

Animal print wallpaper can be a fun addition to a powder room as an accent wall. Keep other colors neutral and install sleek fixtures. Fixtures in a matte black or brushed gold finish will help keep things balanced. Animal print can also add a warm and cozy vibe to a bedroom.

Look for a subtle animal wallpaper print, like a leopard print against a black background. It won’t immediately register as an animal print until you get closer, revealing the pattern. This would be a luxurious black bedroom idea to try in your home.

6. Focus on an Accent Piece

Sometimes small details here and there are the best way to incorporate animal prints. However, you can create a focal point using one larger animal print decor piece, like an animal print ottoman or a chair. Anchor the rest of the room by decorating with neutrals or coordinating colors found in the animal print.

These are just a few tips for decorating with animal print. Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to create the home you want. However if you still feel like no amount of decorating is making your house feel like home, consider a custom home that is built specifically to your needs instead. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!