5 Country Cottage Decor Ideas

February 4, 2020

Do you love the look of country cottage décor, but are just not quite sure how to get started? Do you need a bit of inspiration to get your creativity flowing? If so, you’ve found the right place. Here are a few country cottage decor ideas that will turn your new dream home into a warm and inviting place with a simple yet functional atmosphere:

What is Country Cottage Decor?

Country cottage décor is a décor theme that is gaining popularity in modern times. Based on concepts from the simplicity and homey feel of country life, this décor theme places an emphasis on function over form. Country cottage decor uses a variety of colors, shapes, and weathered paints or textures to portray a simple, functional, and warmly appealing aesthetic in the home.

5 Country Cottage Decor Ideas

Here are a few country cottage decor ideas to inspire you and thinking about to get this quaint, warm, and welcoming look in your home:

1. Use Natural Wood

The use of natural wood in your new home is one way to achieve an effective country cottage theme. This can be accomplished in various ways because there are several ways to incorporate natural wood into your custom home.

Wood can be used on walls or ceilings in the home. Plus, rafters or structural beams can be left exposed. Homeowners often choose to paint or stain these features in such a way that the wood graining remains visible. Natural wood furniture pieces also will serve to accent a country cottage décor theme nicely.

2. Create a Lived-In, Well-Loved Look

Some types of décor thrive on a very “clean” look with a minimal amount of decorations and furniture. To the contrary, the end result of a country cottage-themed home should be that of a well-loved dwelling that is ample but cozy and highly functional but still warm and inviting. Country cottage décor will create an immediately inviting atmosphere that makes for great living spaces with positive vibes for the family to enjoy or to enjoy with guests.

Make sure you use items and décor that portrays this theme and concept. It’s always a good idea to avoid unnecessary clutter that only serves to detract from your overall decorative theme, but don’t be afraid to indulge yourself. You want to avoid clutter with a country cottage look, but you also don’t want to go too little and end up with a minimalist interior design look.

Choose furniture, accent pieces, picture frames, and other decorations that are authentic to the country style and tie each room together nicely. Country cottage often overlaps with farmhouse decor, so there are plenty of options available to help you get exactly the look you want.

3. Pick Neutral and Pastel Colors

To implement your country cottage design successfully, you will want to choose color schemes that are neutral or utilize pastel colors. Neutral color tones will help keep the interior design and décor of the home authentic to the simplicity of the country style you are trying to achieve.

Using softer pastel colors rather than harsher, bolder, and color tones will keep the rooms of the home lively, bright, and inviting. Distressed paints and stains are also ways that the country cottage style can be captured in your home and items finished in this way will help a room feel lived in and loved.

4. Add Homey Patterns and Cozy Textiles

The use of certain patterns and textiles can make or break your country cottage décor. Gingham, florals, ticking, stripes, plaid, and toile are all popular patterns in country cottage decor. They can be used to provide a little color and texture to your country cottage aesthetic.

You may want to consider using some patterns more sparingly than others, depending on your personal preference and the exact look you are trying to achieve. Mixing patterns can work, but too many busy patterns can be overwhelming. Using some classic tips for decorating with plaid can help keep things looking great instead of clashing. Choosing cozy textiles can also help you achieve a country cottage look and add some authenticity to it. Materials like flannel, cotton, and linen are popular choices.

5. Let in Natural Light

Country life has long been centered around working with, and being a little closer to, the natural world. For this reason, natural light should be taken into consideration when designing your new home.

Airy, sun-drenched rooms will provide a soft atmosphere that invites the outdoors, indoors! Plus, natural light can help create the clean look and warm atmosphere that country cottage interior design is known for.

These are just a few country cottage decor ideas to help get the creative wheels turning. Making a country cottage décor design unique and personalized can be very rewarding. And, the end result is a warm and inviting home that promises to host many memories with family and friends for years to come.

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