Guide to Decorating With Plaid

August 3, 2023

Plaid has been and continues to be a popular pattern throughout home design history. Plaid patterns can work in any design style with plenty of options available. Follow these tips in this guide to decorating with plaid for plenty of ideas and inspiration:

6 Tips for Decorating With Plaid

Plaid can be a bold pattern and can become an eyesore when used inappropriately. Here are some quick tips for decorating with plaid:

1. Pick Your Color Scheme First

Nailing down your color scheme or palette is a very important step when thinking about how to design a room. Your goal is to create harmony and keeping a color scheme in mind helps achieve that. Make sure any piece you buy either complements that color or is a nice contrast.

It’s also important to consider the psychology of color when it comes to choosing color schemes for your home. Some research has proven that certain colors can affect moods. Think about what environment you want in a particular room and choose colors within that range.

2. Think it Through

Be thoughtful when it comes to decorating with plaid. It can be daunting introducing any pattern to your home but with some thought, it can be seamless. To avoid overwhelming a room with a potentially clashing pattern, consider and evaluate all the elements in a particular space. Make sure you consider paint color, artwork, window treatments, and furniture. Being aware of these elements will guide your choice of plaid patterns.

3. Pair Plaid With Other Patterns

It’s okay to double up on patterns. Rather than committing entirely to just plaid, try to figure out how to tie another pattern in with plaid. Mixing patterns is popular in country cottage decor, but too many busy patterns can be too much.

Plaids and floral patterns can often pair well together, as long as both patterns aren’t very bold. Either choose two understated patterns, or pair a bold pattern with a smaller or understated pattern. Mixing and matching patterns is also one of the fall color schemes that work year-round, so you have a lot of options to play with. 

4. Mix Sizes and Scales

Consider the size of the plaid pattern and your goal for adding it to your space. Keep in mind that the larger the statement pattern, the bolder the space will be. There are ways to incorporate bold patterns into your home decor without being too busy.

To get the right balance, follow this formula: choose a large-scale pattern (like a floral), a stripe or plaid pattern, as well as a smaller pattern paired with one or two solid colors. Following this formula will help you create a design style to your liking.

Pairing an abstract pattern with plaids and textured accessories will give your room a modern vibe. If you prefer a more traditional style, pair florals, and plaids together with solids that tie everything together. Including a bold pattern like this is also a formal living room idea that can help make the room more interesting.  

5. Use Plaid in Unconventional Spaces

Plaid adds interest through angular and graphic lines, no matter where it is. This gives any space almost a vintage feel even in spaces designed to be very modern. Plaid can work in laundry rooms as a floor pattern, or in bathrooms with window treatments.

You can even try plaid wallpaper in your bedroom, which is a current bedroom design trend. Since plaids work so well with solids, they can be a bridge between two colors or a transition from busy patterns to calm solids.

6. Remember to Balance Decor

Plaid often grounds design elements. Plaid can tone down other patterns and bring some neutrality to your room. Plaid is a wonderful accompaniment to more feminine patterns, like florals. It gives balance and keeps the room from being too overwhelming.

At the same time, when paired with the wrong types of decor or too much, the combination with plaid can become overwhelming. It’s important to take the time to really think about the other elements in a room, be intentional about your choices, and make sure things stay balanced when paired with your chosen plaid patterns.

6 Ideas For Decorating With Plaid

Now that you know what to remember when decorating with plaid, here are a few ideas for decorating with plaid:

1. Try a Plaid Rug

If you want to start small with plaid, a rug is a great way to start. Not only are area rugs and layered rugs flooring trends, but plaid can also warm up any space, giving it a homey feel.

If you’re working with a smaller room, try an oversized plaid pattern in a neutral color. The large pattern will draw the eye outward, giving the illusion of a larger room. The neutral color will keep the rug from overwhelming your space.

Rugs are also a great way to define space in an open concept floor plan. A plaid pattern will catch the eye and help define a specific space, like a play area for kids, or an entertainment area.

2. Add Balance With Plaid Pillows

Another small way to integrate plaid is by choosing plaid pillows. Picking plaid pillows in a muted tone won’t take over the rest of the decor and will instead anchor the room. The clean lines of plaid easily layer with other colors and patterns. It also adds some texture to a room, which is a popular fall decor trend.

The simple yet strong lines of plaid can work well with other softer decor. It also balances a more delicate pattern of other decor. Plaid pillows can add a classic touch to any room, especially when paired with other traditional furniture.

3. Use Plaid in Dining

Plaid often brings to mind memories of holiday gatherings and playing around with some plaid is one of the dining table decor ideas. Plaid adds some extra warmth to your dining experience. Plaid is casual enough for daily dining but can be dressed up for special occasions.

Pairing plaid with some seasonal greenery and copper accents is perfect for fall and winter holidays. It’s also one of the ways to add copper decor into your home design. Layer a plain table runner over a plaid tablecloth to break up the pattern. For a more laid-back look, mix and match bold and muted plaid patterns and colors.

4. Create a Rustic Vibe

If you’re looking for some ideas for rustic kitchen and living room decor, plaid is a great option for textiles. Layer plaid pillows, blankets, rugs, and bedding to bring some warmth and contrast to your home. Don’t forget some plain or solid color accents to keep plaid from overtaking your space.

5. Take it Outdoors

If you have an outdoor entertaining space, plaid can be a great addition to your decor. This pattern is especially cozy during cooler months. Try a few plaid pillows and throw blankets in a bold plaid pattern for an inviting look.

Focusing on comfort is a tip for creating incredible outdoor living spaces. Plaid also looks great as a pattern for front porch furniture. It adds some warmth to your porch, creating a welcoming and homey vibe.

6. Try a Statement Furniture Piece in Plaid

Add some functionality and fun to a room with a sofa or chair in a plaid upholstery. The texture of plaid adds contrast to your room and creates a focal point to draw the eye.

To add some contrast to an entryway, try a window-pane plaid pattern bench. Not only does this immediately catch the eye, but it offers a place to sit or set bags and coats for guests. It can also be used as extra seating if need be.

Get Your Dream Home With CHG

Following these tips for decorating with plaid will inspire you to find the perfect ways to use plaid in your home decor to keep your home feeling fresh and new. However, if you’re still unhappy in your home, no matter how much you remodel, consider investing in a custom home. A custom home can be designed and built to your style and needs. If you’re ready to start bringing your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!