6 Creative Uses for Interior Trim

April 4, 2019

When it comes to design details in your custom home, there are a lot of options, especially when you get into interior trim. You can get creative with trim on your walls and your ceilings as well as the casing around your doors and windows. But, you don’t have to stop there. Here are some creative uses for interior trim:

1. Frame a Mirror or Fireplace

Picture molding is a type of horizontal wall trim that allows you to use interior trim to create a frame or multiple frames on a wall. It’s purely decorative and can make a wall stand out in your home. It can easily be used to frame a mirror in a room. You can also use it and other types of trim to frame a fireplace. Another option is to add a panel above your fireplace to heighten it and give the appearance of one big unit or a column.

2. Upgrade a Bookshelf

You can also use various types of interior trim to seriously upgrade decor and furniture within a room. Decorative trim can be added to a bookshelf to upgrade its look or even turn it into a statement piece. Paired with other tips to style a bookshelf, you can make your shelves stand out and elevate the way you store books, decor, and more.

3. Enhance Boring Cabinetry or Doors

Paint can help make boring cabinets stand out. Adding trim to those cabinets can enhance them even further and add a level of sophistication to the room. There are also plenty of options to use trim to upgrade doors that wouldn’t stand out otherwise. You could add trim along the expanse of the door for a bigger effect or use it as an accent to highlight the handles or knobs.

4. Boost Cabinet Ends

Kitchen islands and peninsulas will have highly visible cabinet ends. Sometimes these are designed to look great and stand out, but sometimes they’re a bit standard and boring. Adding trim to this area to create a design adds texture and gives these areas a visual boost.

5. Amplify Your Light Switches

Light switch covers tend to be relatively standard and flat when it comes to design. They may come in different colors and some variations in style, but they don’t tend to stand out on their own. Adding trim to your light switch covers can take them from bland to glam in an instant.

6. Add Bling to Your Stairs

From the general shape of the staircase to the railings and the stairs themselves, there are a lot of design options available for staircases. Staircase style, railings, and materials tend to get all of the attention, which tends to leave the sides of the stairs themselves untouched.

By adding some decorative, patterned corner moldings on each stair at the visible side of the staircase, you can add a unique design touch that elevates your staircase to an even classier and more sophisticated look. Adding trim is a staircase landing idea that can help your staircase stand out. 

Enhancing your walls, ceilings, and more is one thing when you consider trim for your custom home and can take your home design to the next level. By working with your custom home designer to also implement some of these creative uses for interior trim, you can add unique design details to your custom home and further enhance the look and feel of each room. If you’re ready to get creative and bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!