7 Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

June 27, 2024

Art Deco was initially popularized around the 1920s and has ebbed and flowed in popularity ever since. The elements of opulence, glamour, elegance, and luxury have influenced several design styles and are some of the reasons why Art Deco-inspired interior design is a classic style. When thinking about the bathrooms in your custom home design, here are some Art Deco bathroom design ideas to inspire you:

bathroom vanity with gold cabinet hardware1. Choose Upgraded Fixtures

Using opulent materials is one of the classic Art Deco interior design ideas and there are a lot of ways to incorporate it. In bathroom design, you can choose upgraded and luxurious fixtures to get that touch of luxury and opulence without overwhelming the rest of the room.

Think about bathroom faucets and fixtures, cabinet handles or draw pulls, lighting fixtures, and other details like these. Opting for lustrous, bright metallics in these areas is classic Art Deco style. Not only can you get the function you want, but you can also add a layer of fashion and glamour for a touch of Art Deco elegance.

2. Include Geometric Patterns

glass tile waterfalls in walk-in shower with built-in shelvesOrnate geometric shapes and patterns are classic features of Art Deco and they work well in several places within the bathroom. Tile flooring is a classic area to feature a geometric pattern.

You can also take the tile to the walls, make the pattern an accent wall, or even use it as a backsplash to the bathroom vanity and sink. Featuring a geometric pattern as a backsplash is an Art Deco kitchen design idea that can translate well to a bathroom.

Custom tile designs and patterns are also popular in showers. You can even build some storage niches into your shower and highlight them further with tile accents. This is one of the shower niche ideas that can elevate the look and function of your shower and your bathroom overall.

3. Get Creative With Mirrors

vanity in master bathroomAdding the right types of mirrors is one of the Art Deco bedroom design ideas that works well in bathrooms. There is a lot of flexibility with mirrors in the bathroom, so you can get creative, add a touch of Art Deco glamour, and still get the functional mirror you need.

Playing around with the shapes of mirrors, the sizes of the mirrors, mirror frames, and even how the mirrors are hung are all bathroom mirror ideas that can help you enhance an Art Deco-inspired look and feel. Mirrors in interesting shapes with ornate decorative frames are classic Art Deco bathroom design ideas.

4. Opt For Ornate Trim

The glitz and glamour of Art Deco aren’t limited to luxurious materials and lustrous metallics; they also extend to architectural design elements like trim. With the variety of materials available, you have plenty of classic trim options that also work well in bathrooms.

continuous vanity in bathroomStatement Ceilings and Crown Molding

Some bathroom ceiling ideas that can work well in an Art Deco bathroom design are going bold and including decorative molding. You can go with something like a tray ceiling or vaulted ceiling in your bathroom.

Crown molding is a classic option for ceiling trim and has a lot of variety to help you get the look you want. You can also play around with color and lighting in these areas to elevate and enhance the look and feel you’re going for.

double vanity in bathroomElegant Wall Trim

Another option for featuring trim in your bathroom design is to put it on the walls. There are several types of horizontal wall trim that are well suited to bathrooms. Wainscoting or other decorative panels can be used along with chair rail trim to elevate and decorate the walls. In addition to types, sizes, and decorative details on the trim itself, you can also play around with different finishes and colors.

Decorative Window and Door Trim

Decorative trim is also not limited to the walls and ceiling. You can also implement decorative trim around doors and windows, or even other bathroom design elements to highlight them. These are creative uses for interior trim that you can use to complement an Art Deco bathroom design.

5. Look For Luxury

Art Deco is all about glitz, glamour, luxury, and opulence in an elegant manner. Opting for opulence and choosing luxury materials is a bathroom design trend that isn’t limited to fixtures in the bathroom, you can also upgrade the luxury of the materials and finishes you use in other areas.

Because you are dealing with a high-moisture environment in the bathroom, you do want to keep that in mind when choosing materials. Bathroom countertops are easy enough to upgrade by choosing marble or quartz. Some classic Art Deco furniture is made of luxury hardwoods with interesting grain patterns and this is something you can bring into the bathroom. Dark woods are particularly popular.

Vanities, flooring, walls, and more are all areas where you can feature unique and high-end hardwood looks. If you’re concerned about moisture, you can get the look of these rarer hardwoods with luxury vinyl planks, tile, etc. This can help you get the look you want without having to worry about moisture and humidity causing damage over time.

There are also other bathroom wall options that can give you the look of brick, stone, pallets, and more. Tile is also popular in Art Deco interior design, including as a flooring option. In addition to these areas, think about the other materials in the bathroom. Even something as simple as opulent and luxurious towels, washcloths, and robes can add a touch of Art Deco elegance to your bathroom.

6. Feature Rich, Saturated Colors

plum bathroom vanity with oval mirrorsRich, saturated, and comforting colors are classic in Art Deco palettes. Darker, richer colors are common in this style and can make your bathroom stand out. You don’t have to go intense or go to the extreme with color drenching, even if rich, saturated colors are your primary palette. You can also feature deep reds, greens, blues, purples, etc. as secondary or accent colors to highlight color in your bathroom without overwhelming it.

7. Incorporate Curves and Rounded Shapes

Curves and rounded shapes are common elements of Art Deco and so are clean lines and symmetry. If an Art Deco bathroom design is what you want, think about what elements you will have in your bathroom and where you can incorporate things with curves and rounded shapes. If you’ll have a shower and a freestanding bathtub, consider a vintage-inspired clawfoot bathtub with a deep tank and curved, rounded edges.

Depending on how the layout of your bathroom is shaping up, you could also include arches in the design, curves in ceiling shape and trim, and more. If you don’t want to commit to structural design elements, you can still incorporate curves and rounded edges through the patterns you choose, mirrors, fluted cabinets, and more.

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