6 Common Gallery Wall Mistakes to Avoid

July 7, 2020

A gallery wall can be a unique feature in a home that often uses a variety of shapes, colors, designs, and textures to create a focal point in a room of the home. A good gallery wall draws attention and adds a piece of customized decor. Each gallery wall is unique and tells its own story. Because it involves multiple pieces, this type of decor requires some planning and foresight. Here are some common gallery wall mistakes to avoid as you start planning out yours:

Mistake #1 – Giving Yourself Too Little to Choose From

Whether you know exactly what you want to feature in a gallery wall or you’re still building out the idea, you need options. Gather almost double the number of pieces you want to feature. This will allow you to add and subtract as you plan out the gallery wall to get the right cohesive mix.

If there aren’t enough options, you may need to include pieces that look out of place and don’t work to round out the space. In this case, you’ll have a gallery wall that might work from a distance, but feels disjointed or looks off once you get closer.

By starting with more than enough items, you will be able to substitute items that don’t quite work in your final layout with items that do. Just make sure you go in with the expectation that you won’t be using all of the items!

Mistake #2 – Not Planning the Layout in Advance

Planning your gallery wall layout in advance is imperative. You want to avoid the temptation to merely just begin hanging the pieces you have chosen to incorporate into your gallery wall. This is one of the common gallery wall mistakes to avoid.

It’s also a sure way to misplace items and end up with a wall that looks disjointed or has improper spacing and gaps or is too cluttered. A gallery wall may be one of the maximalist interior design ideas, but it’s not supposed to be cluttered, too busy, or overwhelming. Planning the layout in advance will ensure that the end result and overall size and shape of the display works well in the space available.

Whether you’re using a gallery wall as one of the ideas for fireplace decor or putting it somewhere else, start by measuring the wall space you will use for your gallery wall. Then, lay out and arrange the pieces on the floor. This is a good way to sort out any layout issues before you start hanging items on the wall.

Mistake #3 – Using Matching Frames for Everything and Ignoring Color

A gallery wall gets much of its beauty and appeal from the arrangement of pieces of different shapes, sizes, and textures. The wall should flow together, but it will tend to look too stiff and rigid if the same color, style, and shape of frames are used for the entire display.

A cohesive look is important and there are some cases where matching frames work well. But, varied looks that still work well together often increase interest and draw the eye better. Try looking for frames that match and complement each other without being exactly alike.

Mistake #4 – Keeping Everything the Same Shape and Size

Although you can create a gallery wall featuring items that are the same shape and size, it usually results in a gallery wall that tends to blend in a bit more. By breaking up the display with different types of frames, different sizes, and even decorative items, you can vary depth and texture while also creating a more interesting visual overall.

Mistake #5 – Sticking to Only One Style or Medium

Creating a truly unique and customized gallery wall requires that you effectively mix styles and mediums. Simply hanging various types of picture frames may not create the intended impact. Infusing other types of objects within the design can help to transform your gallery wall into a work of art.

Consider using items like mirrors, bowls, and even word art within the design and layout. Not only will this help to break up a potentially repetitive pattern of frames, but it can also give meaning to the entire piece and create a more appealing visual.

Mistake #6 – Getting the Spacing Wrong

Once you have decided on the items you will use and you begin the process of laying out your gallery wall, you will want to make sure that the spacing is correct. Figuring out spacing beforehand and checking it is one of the gallery wall tips to help you create a good one.

Getting the spacing wrong can lead to a wall that looks messy or like an afterthought. Inconsistent spacing can look sloppy while spacing that is too far apart ends up leaving the gallery wall looking disjointed overall. If the spacing is too close, the wall can appear to be too busy and cluttered, which diminishes the impact of individual pieces as well as the overall layout.

These are just a few of the common gallery wall mistakes to avoid. Avoiding these and following some useful gallery wall tips, you can create a gallery wall that truly enhances the room. When done well, a gallery wall can be a great option that allows for a high level of personalization and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in the home.

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