5 Creative Ideas for Fireplace Decor

February 13, 2020

A fireplace often becomes a focal point in a room. As such, it’s worth the effort to add some decor to further enhance this area and even make it more useful too. And, you have even more decor options available when your fireplace is not in use. Here are some creative ideas for fireplace decor:

1. Create a Display on the Mantel

When building a custom home, one of the fireplace options is whether to have a mantel above it. Your fireplace mantel is essentially a shelf that you can use to decorate your fireplace any time of the year. Whether your fireplace is in use for the season or out of use for the season, the mantel is available for plenty of fireplace decor.

Between arranging things on top of the mantel and using the wall space or column space above your fireplace, there is plenty of space available for a variety of decor. Choosing a theme can help you narrow down the decor options you want and also give everything a cohesive look. This is one of the spring farmhouse decor ideas, and you can choose a spring theme or change it up to suit any season.

There are plenty of winter, spring, summer, and fall mantel decor ideas you can use to play with fireplace decor year-round. You can use the display as an extension of your current interior design theme in general and you can also update and change it for the seasons. Plus, you can use this area for holiday decor as well, which is one of the tips for decorating fireplaces.

2. Use Every Inch of Available Storage

Because a fireplace mantel is a shelf, you can use it for the storage of certain items. Depending on the depth and length of the shelf, you may be able to fit a lot of stuff on it. When your fireplace is not working and is out of season, you can also use the hearth of the fireplace for temporary storage. This is one of the creative ways to store books temporarily.

Depending on the placement of your fireplace and everything around it, you can add shelves on each side of it to add some more storage and further extend your decor. Metal or wooden baskets or crates can also be placed near the hearth to store logs for the fireplace or other items. This is one of the ideas for firewood storage.

3. Add More Light with Candles

LED candles placed on the fireplace mantel can give the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere whether your fireplace is working or not. By varying the height and size of the candles, you can create an interesting display. If your fireplace is not in use, you can also create a display of candles inside the hearth of your fireplace to get that fireplace glow without the flames or the extra heat. Playing with light and other decor like this around the fireplace is one of the Valentine’s Day decor ideas that you can use year-round, for various seasons, and for different holidays.

4. Make a Small Art Gallery Above the Mantel

Another one of the ideas for fireplace decor is to hang up some art around it. Whether the space directly above your fireplace mantel is an expanse of wall or part of the fireplace column, you have space available to hang pieces of art, photos, signs, and more. You can use this space to create your own small personal art gallery that you can enjoy at home year-round. These are creative ways to display art and also highlight your fireplace.

5. Pick an Interesting Fireplace Screen

Whether your fireplace is in use or not, and particularly when it is, a fireplace screen is useful. Because fireplace decor has become so popular, there are plenty of creative and unique fireplace screens available. You can pick one for your fireplace that is both interesting and useful to enhance your decor and decorate your fireplace.

A fireplace screen built to look like a collection of twigs or branches or one that looks like stained glass can give your fireplace a unique look. This is one of the stained glass ideas for incorporating this material into your home. The same is true for a fireplace screen in a different color like gold instead of black or gray metal. A standard metal fireplace mesh screen with a unique design on it can also make your fireplace stand out.

These are just a few creative ideas for fireplace decor you can use to make the most of your fireplace. However you decorate your fireplace, just make sure it is still accessible for chimney cleaning & inspection when you need it.

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