How to Create a Relaxing Bathroom Retreat in Your Custom Home

July 17, 2018

When you create a relaxing bathroom retreat in your custom home, you can have a spa experience every day. When you get the chance to design your own custom home, you get to create a unique look and feel for every room, including your bathrooms. Here’s how to create a relaxing bathroom retreat in your custom home:

1. Start with a Relaxing Theme

Picking a relaxing theme or color scheme for your bathroom can help with overall design, accessories, and other details. Choose a primary color, secondary color, and accent colors to build the color palette for your bathroom design. With a theme and color scheme in mind, you have the building blocks to start building your relaxing bathroom retreat.

2. Splurge on the Big Items

Nothing seems more relaxing than an indulgent soak in the bath or a hot shower. Having a separate tub and shower allows you to customize each to your needs. Plus, a freestanding soaking tub is one of the popular bathroom design trends.

A walk-in shower unit with dual or double showerheads can give you the spa feel for everyday use. Customized shelving, shower niche ideas, a seat, and tile designs can turn your shower into a luxurious retreat.

With the shower and tub separate, you are free to expand, upgrade, and customize your bathtub to make it a spa-worthy addition to your bathroom. Think about how often you might enjoy soaking in the tub and then consider how large your tub should be for a comfortable soak.

This will help you determine the type of tub and its placement for you. A deep corner tub fits seamlessly into the design of your bathroom, has a built-in shelf, and provides plenty of room for relaxation. You can also go with a claw-foot tub for luxury with a vintage feel.

3. Focus on the Vanity

With the shower and the bathtub picked out, it’s time to focus on the vanity. There are tons of options for customizing vanities and many types of bathroom countertops, which means you can create the perfect vanity for your needs.

Cabinets and drawers can provide plenty of storage built-in. You can choose a single-sink or double-sink vanity, depending on your needs. Sinks can be stylish and functional undermounts or bowls that sit above the countertop. Lighted mirrors can be added for a useful and unique touch.

4. Customize the Lighting

The lighting in your bathroom can help create a relaxing atmosphere. For some natural light during the day or some stargazing at night, you can add skylights into your bathroom design. You can also add recessed lights or lights in wall sconces to provide a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Another option is to add a dimmer into your lighting controls. Bright lights can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to de-stress. With lighting controls, you can dim or brighten the light in the room depending on what you want.

5. Add Comfortable Accessories

With the basic structural pieces in place, you can start adding accessories and decor. Soft, fluffy towels and a luxurious cushioned bench or stool can add a touch of comfort to your bathroom. Heated floors are another nice addition and are one of the ways to make a cold bathroom warmer.

You can also add soothing smells with a room spray, incense, candles, or an essential oil diffuser. By making these details all about comfort, you can create a truly relaxing bathroom retreat in your custom home. 

A relaxing bathroom retreat is just one part of your custom home design. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to make your dream home a reality!