10 Useful Ideas for a New Planter

January 14, 2021

Standard planters are great, but your plants can outgrow them. And, sometimes they just don’t work with the rest of your garden aesthetic. If you’re considering new planters for your garden, here are some ideas for a new planter to inspire you:

1. Make a Monogram Planter

A monogram planter is a creative way to save space with a vertical planter. Not only do you have space for several small plants, but your planter is also personalized. And, because it hangs on a wall, you can free up floor space or garden space for other plants. Plus, it’s an easy way to implement some spring decorating ideas or decorate with plants year-round.

Just make sure you put it in the right place, plan for drainage, and keep other vertical garden design tips in mind to make sure your monogram planter looks great and works how you need it to.

2. Use a Pallet

You can use a pallet in a variety of ways. You can use a few of them to create a full garden bed. You could even make a table for your patio with a built-in planter.

You can also simply stand it up for an easy vertical garden. Not only is it a great way to upcycle and repurpose pallets, but you can also create a unique look with stain or paint.

3. Repurpose a Rustic Log

A rustic log can easily become a new planter for some of your flowers. First, find a log thick enough for the plants you want to put in it.

Then, cut a channel into the log so you have a compartment for the potting soil and your plants. You can use rocks to keep your new log planter from rolling over and then enjoy your new rustic outdoor display.

4. Create a Chair Planter

An old wooden chair and a flower basket can easily become a new planter. Simply replace the seat of the chair with a flower basket and you have a brand new planter. You can paint the chair to add a pop of color. You can also distress the finish for a more vintage or antique look.

5. Stack Cinder Blocks for Modern Planters

There are many ways to incorporate concrete into your custom home. For something smaller and a little bit more temporary, you can use cinder blocks as planters. Not only do they make great little planters, but they’re a great way to add some concrete decor to your home.

Plus, you can get creative with them. Free-standing cinder blocks can be used as planters for small plants. You can also stack cinder blocks to create a raised garden bed for a larger planter and for larger plants. This can be a great way to create a more modern look for your garden.

6. Re-Use an Old Set of Drawers

The drawers of an old dresser or side table can make great containers for plants. With some sanding and painting, you can create a new container from a single drawer or matching containers from multiple drawers.

At the same time, you can combine a drawer with an old side table or some repurposed chair or table legs to create new planters of varying heights. You could even create a complete stand for multiple drawers full of plants.

You can also just turn the entire dresser into a planter. A new coat of paint and updating the pulls and handles can give it a whole new look. Plus, by staggering how open each drawer is or strategically removing drawers, you can easily create a stepped planter that works well and looks great with minimal effort.

7. Upcycle Corner Cabinet Doors

Corner cabinets can sometimes be a pain inside, especially when it comes to convenient access and storage. A lazy susan and other items can help make corner cabinets more accessible and provide more storage for your kitchen.

But, if you’re getting rid of a corner cabinet or are just replacing the doors, you can use the old corner cabinet doors as the frame for a new planter that fits perfectly in the corner of your porch.

With the cabinet doors as the frame, you can add triangular shelves for your plant containers. Then, you can add legs for some height or let it sit flat on the floor.

8. Put Old Gutters to Good Use

It’s important to maintain the gutters on your house and replace them when needed. Another one of the ideas for a new planter is to put old gutters to good use.

Instead of getting rid of your old rain gutters outright, put them to good use by turning them into new planters. You can use short sections of old gutters as containers.

Then, you can affix them to a wall, a railing, or a pallet or backboard to create a new planter for several small plants. Another option is to use some rope and multiple small sections of gutters to create a unique hanging planter.

9. Recycle a Colander

A colander is a kitchen staple and it also makes a great planter. Not only does it have self-draining features built-in, but it can also be used in a variety of ways.

You can turn a colander into a great container for plants by putting landscaping fabric inside first. Then, add your soil and your greenery.

From there, you can place your new colander planter on a counter or shelf inside. It can also sit on a shelf or a table outside on your porch. Since colanders have handles, another option is to turn them into a hanging planter with some linked chains or rope.

10. Put a Creative Twist on a Chandelier

Not only are chandeliers one of the lighting options for your custom home, but they can also be repurposed into a creative new planter with a luxurious twist. Simply take a chandelier and replace the lightbulbs with small containers.

Then, grow small plants or trailing plants in it. This is one of the ideas for a new planter that creates a whimsical new element for your garden that is sure to make you smile and be a conversation starter for anyone who sees it.

These are just a few ideas for a new planter that are also great spring outdoor decor ideas. Many plants can thrive in just about any type of container, so you’re bound to find a planter that will help you create the look you want in your garden in plenty of time for spring planting.