6 Fun Spring Decorating Ideas

April 12, 2022

With warmer weather on the horizon, you may be ready to freshen up your home with spring decor. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few fun spring decorating ideas to inspire you:

1. Add Flowers

This may seem obvious, but add some flowers to your decor! Flowers are a hallmark of spring, and there are plenty of seasonal flowers to spruce up your home. What better way to embrace the warmer temperature and new growth than with flowers. Add a few arrangements to your house. If possible, try using flowers or cuttings from your own yard, or ask a friend if they have an excess.

To welcome visitors, add a fun floral or spring branch wreath to your front door. This is one of the classic spring outdoor decor ideas. Visitors will see your door before even entering your home. This will signal to them you have embraced spring and are celebrating!

If you can’t use fresh flowers because of allergies or do not want the upkeep, there are some very nice and realistic fake flowers available. Add your fresh or fake flowers to a fun vase and enjoy the flowers in the comfort of your home.

2. Decorate With Plants

If you have a green thumb, you can add a touch of nature to your home, freshen it up, and get an excuse to pick up some more plants by decorating with houseplants. Depending on the plant, you can add them to your kitchen, include them as bathroom decor, decorate a bookshelf or fireplace mantel, and more.

Pick Up Some Succulents

Succulents are a great option because they are fun to look at and come in so many different varieties. They’re also a great pick because they require little maintenance. So, if you forget to water them for a few weeks, they’ll be fine. Put them in sunny spots around your home and enjoy the pop of green they bring to your home!

Succulents are also great because they can be planted in nearly anything. Old jars, fun candle holders, old mugs, or anything that holds soil will be a wonderful little vessel for your succulents! Be sure to pick vessels that reflect spring, too. Choose green or blue jars or bowls. Not only will your succulents signal the arrival of spring, but so will their planters!

3. Change Up Your Window Treatments

Changing your window treatments is one of the spring decorating ideas and is also a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring. Take down your dark winter colors and replace them with something bright and fun! Try a bright green or pastel yellow to mimic the colors you see outside.

Or, go simple and pick some flowy, gauzy white or cream curtains. These will lighten up your rooms and let in that bright sunlight. There are also a ton of window treatment ideas that go beyond fabric, so you can also use this as an opportunity to get creative.

4. Add Some Colorful Dishes

You don’t have to replace your entire dish collection, but adding a few statement pieces can help brighten your kitchen for spring. Pick a fun salad bowl in a floral pattern or signature spring color. A new set of plates or glasses can easily change up your inventory. These are also dining table decor ideas. If you need to update some small appliances, you can opt for them in a bright color.

5. Choose Some Spring Artwork

If you’d rather not incorporate actual plants or flowers into your decor, consider changing up your artwork. There are many pieces out there that are beautiful representations of flowers or plants.

If that’s not your thing, think about adding some landscape pieces from spring or summer. Pieces that are bright and sun-soaked are great contenders. If you prefer abstract artwork, pick something that uses bright, spring colors.

6. Make a Spring Centerpiece

Centerpieces are another decorating idea that you can use year-round. With an interesting and fun spring centerpiece, you can freshen up your fireplace mantel, dining room table, or other areas of your home.

Pastels are the typical palette associated with spring, but you’re certainly not limited to those and it shouldn’t stop you from trying other things. Try mixing creams and pinks alongside blues and greens for an explosion of color. There are also some neat designs and spring wreaths you can create using grapevines, dried moss, and things that aren’t specifically flowers.

Hopefully, these fun spring decorating ideas will bring a fresh feeling to your home and make it feel like spring! However, if no amount of redecorating or remodeling makes your current house feel like home, consider a custom home that is designed and built to your specifications. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 where we can help bring your dream home to life!