5 Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas

March 2, 2023

When building a custom home, you get to choose the big and small details. And if you have kids, it’s important to factor in their choices and desires as well. While it can be fun to design a kid’s bedroom, it can also be quite challenging! As your kids grow, what they like will change. It’s important to keep that in mind while designing their bedroom. Here are a few kid’s bedroom design ideas.

1. Keep Play at the Center

Kids love to play. To design a room that your kid will love, focus on that important aspect of life. Take note of things your child likes to do and incorporate that into the room. If your kid loves sports, install a basketball hoop over a door or a closet door. Make sure no breakable items are nearby and only use soft, fabric balls.

If your child is into dance, install the right flooring option that is good for dance practice or a barre for stretching. If your kid is really into art, give them an art corner for them to create in. If you want to go big, installing a small ball pit can be a really unique addition to your child’s room. If you want to keep things smaller, opt for an indoor swing or a bunk bed slide.

And if these are still too much, simply designating a spot of the room for play can encourage kids to engage in playtime. Keeping things simple and comfortable is one of the tips for a kid-friendly custom home design that you can use for designing children’s bedrooms as well, even if you plan to add more intricate or complicated design details.

2. Storage, Storage, Storage

Kids have a lot of stuff. They have toys, books, and clothes as they’re constantly growing. Having the right storage for all of these items will help keep your child’s room clutter-free. Not only is strategic storage one of the ideas for shared kids’ rooms, but it will also give your kids more room to play or do other activities.

Adding built-in storage to your child’s room is a great way to add more storage to a bedroom design. This helps keep clutter out of the way and out of sight. Another helpful organizational tool is to install hooks for hanging clothes, backpacks, and other items.

3. Think of the Future

Be sure to design your child’s room with the future in mind. They might have small beds or furniture now, but eventually, your children will grow and will need bigger furniture. Keep that in mind as you decide where to place outlets and windows. Planning ahead is one of the tips for designing flex rooms that can help you create a kid’s bedroom that will remain functional as your child grows.

4. Add Color

Bright colors and kids just go together. However, it can be pretty hard to pick the right color, especially since kids’ favorites often change as they grow. To still incorporate their current favorite color now, choose accessories in their current favorite color. This way, if their favorite color changes down the road, you won’t need to repaint an entire bedroom.

Keep the walls a neutral shade, like cream or gray. It’ll be much easier to match any accessory with the paint color. If your child is stuck on having a certain paint color on the wall, try compromising with an accent wall. This is a wall decor idea that works with any style. That way, if you need to repaint down the road, it’s only one wall as opposed to four or more.

5. Involve Your Child

One of the most important things to consider when designing your child’s room is what your child wants. Browse some bedroom ideas, and even toy storage ideas, together online and have them pick out a few ideas. Letting them in on the design process will help them feel like their room is truly theirs.

These are just a few kid’s bedroom design ideas to try in your custom home. If you’re ready to start designing your custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!