6 Creative Ideas for Shared Kids’ Rooms

March 9, 2021

If you are planning to include a shared bedroom in your custom home design, you have a lot of creative design and decor ideas available to enhance the room in a way that looks great and provides efficiency. Here are a few creative ideas for shared kids’ rooms:

1. Opt for a Creative Twist on Standard Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great space savers in a shared bedroom. They can be an efficient use of the available square footage and can free up floor and wall space for other things. Bunk beds can also help to create a better aesthetic in a bedroom.

The best part is that you don’t have to go for a standard bunk bed setup if you don’t want to. Various options for bunk bed configurations are available and each can offer its own set of benefits. L-shaped layouts or loft-style bunks provide a good place for a small writing desk or chest of drawers underneath them.

Back-to-back bunk beds can save a bit of floor space by providing separate beds on the same side of the bedroom. This leaves the other side of the room open for other pieces of bedroom furniture and decor.

2. Create Separation With a Mirror Layout

Even though they may have a shared bedroom, you can still create some separation within the room for each child. If you have the space, a mirror layout can help you divide the room and create a separate space for each individual.

Simply align each child’s bed, nightstand, dresser, and light fixtures opposite one another as if they were a reflection. This can provide a feeling of having independent living quarters despite ultimately sharing the space and allows for some individual expression through decorating. Plus, it creates symmetry in the room, which is aesthetically pleasing.

3. Build in Some Privacy

There are ways to provide a sense of privacy and security even when a room is shared. Room dividers are like portable walls and come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. Because there are so many options available, there is certainly certainly one out there that would suit your aesthetic and needs.

These dividers can be used in different areas of the room such as a reading nook, changing area, or beside the bed. You can also create a divider by using a two-sided or shared bookshelf or with other furniture. Curtains and canopies can provide some privacy as well, especially in sleeping areas.

4. Color-Code Personal Spaces and Items

A common difficulty with children sharing a bedroom is when their individual items get mixed together in the shared environment. One potential solution to this is to color-code each child’s space and belongings. Have each child participate in the selection of their color and use that as the base for their own personal decor and bedding.

Their color can also be used to identify where their own items are stored such as toy bins, shelving, organizational totes/baskets, etc. This will help with knowing what belongs to who, which teaches respect for another’s property and assures each child the comfort of having a place for their personal effects.

5. Choose Dual-Purpose Furniture

Thanks to it consistently being one of the interior design trends year after year, there are a number of options available for dual-purpose or multifunctional furniture that can provide storage, privacy, and even allow for more space in a shared bedroom.

There are numerous styles of beds, bunk-beds, and headboards that have built-in storage to keep things tidy without adding more furniture to the room for the sake of storage. Furniture like this, large closets, and other interior storage details are great ways to incorporate more storage.

An open shelving unit or pair of bookshelves in a somewhat larger space can divide the room while allowing for storage of multiple personal items. A futon, pullout couch, or trundle bed can be an easy way to ensure that the next sleepover is comfortable for the guests as well.

6. Include Names in Decor

Another one of the creative ideas for shared kids’ rooms is to include names in decor. Using each child’s name in the room decor has multiple benefits. It allows for the aesthetic style to be personalized and unique.

Sometimes, using names in the decor can designate spaces that are “reserved” for an individual child, such as above his or her bed, in a reading nook, or above that child’s dresser. This is also another way to make each child feel special and like they have their own designated areas even within a shared space.

These are just a few creative ideas for shared kids’ rooms that can help save space, create some privacy and separation, and make a unique living space for your children. These can also be used as inspiration for kid’s bedroom design ideas, whether it will be a shared room or not. If you’re ready to make your home design official and make it a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!