5 Mistakes to Avoid With Minimalist Interior Design

December 10, 2019

One of the most important aspects of planning your new home design is choosing a style of décor that fits both the architectural style of the structure as well as your own lifestyle. Minimalist interior design is an excellent option for homeowners wanting to capitalize on a “less is more” philosophy. Minimalist design allows a homeowner to pare down the decorating of the home to create a simple, clean and orderly interior that delivers a great amount of style and class! But, as with any design theme, there are mistakes to avoid with minimalist interior design.

If you are considering Minimalist Interior Design for your dream home, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. Some homeowners become susceptible to a few of the most common mistakes and you will want to be sure to avoid any possible pitfalls with your decorating style so that the look you are going for is achieved and it will have the maximum effect. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid with minimalist interior design:

Mistake #1 – Not Including Enough Decor

It might sound counter-intuitive, especially since minimalist design is all about including only what is necessary, but it is important to stray away from the temptation of leaving your room too bare and empty. Minimalist design works by giving importance to the necessary features in the room and making sure that the lighting in the area allows for maximum impact.

If there aren’t enough items in the room, it can end up looking cold, unfinished, and uninviting. When this happens, the minimalist design has missed the mark. One of the minimalist interior design ideas to help combat this is to focus on functional furniture and accessories. If you focus on meeting the functional needs of the room and ensuring the decor you include adds to it, you can include enough in the room and often without going overboard.

Mistake #2 – Having Too Many Colors in Your Palette

While any room needs a bit of an accent color, it is best to achieve this within a minimalist design theme by using colorful accessory pieces while wall colors are kept more neutral. Breaking up a neutral color palette with more brightly colored accessories will help to highlight the aspects of the room that are intended to be focal points. By choosing colors wisely, the minimalist décor will have the most impact. The right color palette is also helpful in designing a kid-friendly minimalist home.

Mistake #3 – Adding Too Many Accessories

It doesn’t take a lot of accessories and furnishings to achieve the desired outcome with minimalist design. In fact, having too many accessories tends to defeat the purpose and result in a cluttered look that is counter to true minimalist décor. This is also one of the mistakes to avoid with farmhouse decor as well.

Keep things simple because adding too many accessories can detract from the central pieces of your décor that are meant to receive the most attention. In addition, having too many accessories takes away from the stress-free feel of minimalist design and can end up giving your room a cluttered look. This is also one of the mistakes to avoid with Japandi design.

Mistake #4 – Ignoring Function

Although you want to keep things simple, the room still needs to be functional. That means having enough furniture that the room is inviting. It also means having comfortable furniture. Having a minimalist style décor and having a comfortable and functional home does not have to be mutually exclusive!

Spend the extra time to locate and choose furniture that checks off both the form and function boxes. Multifunctional and flexible furniture are popular options for minimalist decor because it often handles multiple functions with one piece and is built with both form and function in mind.

Mistake #5 – Trying to Match What Minimalism Means for Others

Failing to make your new dream home “yours” is a mistake you don’t want to make. With any design theme, it is most important that it looks, feels, and functions in a way that is most desirable for you. The trap of looking to others’ designs or decorating styles is easy to fall into when it comes to minimalist design.

While you should be thinking of ways to keep things clean and simple by opting for only the necessities, it is important to remember that minimalism, much like hygge, is a personal interior design theme. Your “necessities” may vary greatly from those of another. Feel free to take inspiration from others, but try to avoid comparing and evaluating your rooms to those inspirations as standard. Each home is unique and deserves a customized approach, so don’t be afraid to make the minimalist approach your own and design and decorate in a way that is most appropriate for you!

Planning your new dream home can be a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding process. Although it is a big undertaking, the end result will be worthwhile. Whether you choose a minimalist design for your new home and avoid these common mistakes with minimalist interior design or you choose one of the many other popular décor styles, the planning process and the many choices available are easier to navigate with an experienced home builder who is dedicated to bringing your vision into reality. At Custom Home Group, we partner with homeowners and help them through each aspect of a new home building project. To get started, give one of our representatives a call today at 717-284-4090!