7 Modern Track Lighting Ideas for Your Custom Home

January 3, 2023

Good lighting is very important for your custom home. There are many different options available, and choosing the right kind can be overwhelming. Track lighting can offer a nice, minimalistic lighting solution. Here are a few modern track lighting ideas for your custom home:

1. Implement Subtle Finishes

If you want a subtle look to your lighting, choose track lights in an understated finish. Pick fixtures in finishes that match the room you’re lighting. If you’re lighting an all-white kitchen, choose white track lights to create a seamless look. If your room is a darker color, find track lights in black or other dark colors. This will keep your lights from being too distracting.

2. Opt For Sleek Lights

Modern track lighting comes in a variety of choices. For a very contemporary look, choose a fixture that is slim and sleek. This is also one of the loft decor ideas to get a modern look in a loft or attic truss room. Look for fixtures in brass or brushed gold finish with small and compact light bulbs.

This is a good way to incorporate some minimalist decor while also giving your space plenty of light. Or if you want to add some art deco flair to your design, gold and brass finishes are an easy way to bring that style into your home.

3. Rethink Track Lights

Most people think track lights are only a certain kind of style and they might find that boring and too traditional. However, there are many different types. Try a bulbous track light that is sure to be an interesting focal point in your room. This type of track lighting can illuminate a workspace while also adding to the decor of your room. It’s also a modern dining room idea that can help provide the right amount of light with an interesting look.

4. Coordinate With Pendants

Great for open-concept floor plans, using both pendant lighting and track lighting together offers great light options for a large space. Linear pendant lights are a home lighting trend and pairing these with track lights will offer your kitchen or other room maximum light.

Hang pendant lights over your kitchen island. This will give you focused light for food prep and other kitchen tasks. Install track lighting above your dining area which will give your kitchen a bit more diversity but will still have a cohesive feel.

5. Highlight Angles

If your home has interesting angles, slopes, and other niches, try highlighting those areas with track lighting. Work with the slope of your ceiling to light the area below. The benefit of track lighting is that you can aim the light where you want it so no matter the slope or angle, you can achieve a well-lit space.

6. Double Up

If you want to add some drama to a room, consider doubling up on track lighting. This option is also useful in larger rooms that can be hard to light in other ways. Installing long track lighting will not only offer you nice, focused light, but will also bring some drama to the room.

7. Go For Contrast

If you want to bring attention to a certain part of a room, choose track lighting in a color that is a stark contrast to the area you want to highlight. For example, if you have all-white cabinetry, choose track lights in a matte or shiny black finish. And if you have darker cabinetry, go with a bright white or metallic finish.

These are just a few modern track lighting ideas for your custom home. Enjoying a well-lit space is an important part of your home design. If you are ready to begin designing your dream custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 today!