5 Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

November 12, 2019

There are some trends that come and go while others possess a timeless quality about them that gives them a certain longevity and staying power that spans across lifetimes. In many ways, Art Deco design is a style of architecture, interior design, and décor that has done just that. Many homeowners are looking to this kind of theme for their new dream homes and there are multiple reasons. The stately and ornate style of Art Deco design exudes a sophisticated aesthetic. And, designs of this type can also radiate a sense of nostalgia for bygone eras. If you think this could be the style for you, here are some Art Deco interior design ideas to inspire you:

What is Art Deco Interior Design?

Art Deco is a type of interior design that was popularized around the 1920s. This decade, often referred to as the Roaring ’20s, was one of wealth and opulence. As such, the designs of the era took on a style of opulence and grandeur. It focused on using higher-end building materials, bold colors, and decorative geometric patterns in wall coverings, mantles, doorways, etc. These are the characteristics that give homes with Art Deco interior design a truly luxurious finish.

5 Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Here are a few of the ways to integrate Art Deco design into your new home:

1. Use Opulent Materials

The materials that you use are of utmost importance if an Art Deco home is your goal. Opulent, luxurious materials can help you create an Art Deco atmosphere in a room. Metallics are a great choice. So, anywhere that metals can be incorporated into the design theme will help to accomplish the desired look. Adding metallic accents is also one of the white kitchen design ideas

When using metallics, consider using colors with some extra luster like gold, silver, chrome, etc. Incorporating these into your lighting fixtures can be a great way to add subtle touches of metallics. Upgrading the fixtures in track lighting with luxe metallics is one of the modern track lighting ideas.

Metallic paints may be an option in order to incorporate more of these colors into your new home. Consider how these metallic colors will coordinate with the rest of the home’s interior. You will also want to integrate dark hardwoods into your interior design to add to the Art Deco theme.

Think about how the wood staining will match with the metallics and how both can complement each other nicely. Also, consider the style of furniture in the home. Art Deco furniture has a very unique look. Pieces like vanities, beds, dressers, tables, etc. will typically be made of hardwoods with attractive graining patterns. Options abound when choosing furniture and it creates an opportunity to integrate more opulent materials into the overall design.

For example, the living room coffee and end tables you choose may feature a marble top sitting on a heavy hardwood base. Not only is this a great way to incorporate marble into your interior design, but it also enhances the Art Deco look in the room.

2. Incorporate Geometric Patterns

One of the quickest and easiest ways to identify Art Deco design is by the presence of more ornate geometric shapes and patterns. Often, these shapes are included on wallpaper and can help add texture to your walls. Today, some homeowners may have walls painted with Art Deco patterns. In either scenario, the wall color will typically be dark and rich with the pattern often having a metallic or lighter finish to it in order to make it stand out.

In addition to geometric patterns for wall coverings, you will also want to consider choosing more ornate types of trim. Crown molding, chair rail, coffered ceilings, tray ceilings, wainscoting, or wall paneling with additional shape and beveling to it can enhance a room.

Doorways and transitions between rooms will also typically feature more decorative trim. Accent features in a room, such as a fireplace, can be built with large, bold mantels and even polished stonework to give an authentic Art Deco feel to the home. Geometric patterns are also one of the Art Deco bedroom design ideas, and there are a lot of ways to incorporate them into any room design.

3. Choose Rich and Comforting Colors

If Art Deco is your desired home interior design style, stay away from lighter colors and pastels. Instead, choose darker, richer, and more stately colors. The other components of the Art Deco design, such as the wall patterns, the lighting fixtures, and metallic accents, will ensure that the room stays bright enough. But, the richer colors do not have to be cold and uninviting as many Art Deco homes feature a variety of luxurious green or red tones that are still quite welcoming.

4. Pick Luxurious Fabrics

Another way that you can accent your new Art Deco dream home is by utilizing luxurious fabrics. This is also a way to add a little luxe home decor to your home. Consider high-quality linens with an Art Deco pattern or even a silk bed runner for bedrooms.

Likewise, high-quality drapery around windows will add to the common areas of the home. If you do not wish to have a geometric pattern across an entire room in your new home, drapes made of higher quality, shiny linen with a metallic-colored thread providing some pattern to the fabric are a great way to accomplish an Art Deco theme without it overpowering the room.

5. Opt for Art Deco Flooring

One recognizable type of Art Deco flooring is black and white checkered tiling. This is an Art Deco kitchen design idea and may also be a great option for a bathroom, but some homeowners may not want it throughout the entire home. A tile floor of a single color with a high-shine finish is a great choice that will still add a true Art Deco look.

Wooden flooring is another popular option. It’s best to choose dark hardwood species or dark staining if choosing a wood floor for Art Deco interior design. Oftentimes, the use of an area rug, especially one with geometric patterns, on a wood floor can add the perfect cherry-on-top to the greater Art Deco theme in the home.

Art Deco is an exciting type of interior design and there are many Art Deco interior design ideas to choose from. The process is enjoyable because it allows for a great amount of dreaming and creativity while the end result always delivers an impressive look and feel.

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