5 Patio Furniture Trends for 2023

December 29, 2020

Patio furniture trends tend to follow interior design trends while also allowing for the special circumstance that this furniture is for an outdoor space. Depending on the style of your patio, you may have other considerations, like the weather. With an indoor patio or screened-in patio, you don’t have to worry too much about wet weather, like rain or snow, affecting your furniture. An outdoor patio that stays exposed to the elements will require different considerations when it comes to patio furniture. These are a few of the top patio furniture trends for 2023:

1. Comfort is Essential

When it comes to patio furniture, comfort is at the top of the list. With the continuing increase in popularity of creating incredible outdoor living spaces, “outdoor homing” is becoming a more prominent trend. This trend is all about making outdoor living spaces as beautiful and comfortable as indoor spaces.

In keeping with the outdoor homing trend, lounges and sofas continue to be popular patio furniture choices. Spacious lounges and wide armchairs create large patio furniture landscapes focused on comfort and relaxation. This focus on comfort is an approach that also works well for other ideas for outdoor living spaces.

These are often comfortable furniture pieces with cuddly cushions and plenty of room to stretch out. Essentially, they are perfect for lounging and relaxing on a patio. Before jumping in on this trend, consider your patio and whether you have built-in weather protection.

If you don’t have an awning, retractable screens, or an enclosed patio, you’ll need to have a plan to protect your patio furniture from seasonal damage. Whether that is opting for weatherproof furniture or creating a weatherproof place to store cushions to protect them that is also convenient for you to access when you want to relax on the patio.

2. Lightweight and Easy to Store

Another trend is for patio furniture to be lightweight and easy to store. Although some built-in patio furniture is popular, it’s not a good fit for everyone. Lightweight patio furniture is much easier to rearrange or carry to another location.

So, if you want to move the party to the garden or the yard instead of the patio, you can simply pick up your comfortable seat and take it with you. This is also especially useful if you want the flexibility to easily move into the sun or into the shade throughout the day. This can help you create the ideal patio oasis for you.

Lightweight patio furniture also makes storage a little bit easier. For most homeowners with a patio, storing the furniture is a necessity. Furniture that can easily be folded up or stacked and is also lightweight makes storing that furniture a much easier process. It also ensures that your patio furniture doesn’t take up a lot of storage space when it is not in use.

3. Retro-Chic and Vintage

A retro-chic or vintage look in your patio furniture is still on-trend in 2023. Patio furniture made of metal and that creates interesting shapes helps to create this look. This is one of the ways to incorporate wrought iron into your home design. Strong colors and cuddly cushions and pillows can help to complete the look.

If you opt for metal, just make sure you are maintaining metal outdoor furniture to keep it looking great. Beach chairs, old porch swings, and hanging chairs made of natural textiles are great additions to a vintage, rustic, or coastal look. This trend is all about a throwback look that is still comfortable and also adds an eye-catching element to your patio or garden.

4. Plenty of Light

Lighting is pretty much always on-trend when it comes to your patio and there are plenty of outdoor lighting options available. You can stick solar lights into the ground to create and light a pathway. Outdoor floor lamps can be used on the patio and some are even made to be weatherproof.

LEDs are versatile and can be added to your patio in several ways to add light. Light strings are one of the deck lighting ideas you can use on the patio. They can be draped overhead to create an elegant and fun look. You can also add light decorations to flower pots, around furniture, and more to create a whimsical look while illuminating your patio.

5. Built-In Furniture

Focusing on the furniture, storage, and getting creative with them are all outdoor patio design ideas to consider. Although lightweight furniture is easy to move and easy to store, it can also be an issue when it comes to strong winds. If you don’t want to sacrifice storage space for patio furniture, it can be an obstacle. A solution that is gaining popularity is built-in furniture.

Custom deck spaces or patios can easily have benches or even chairs built into the area. Although you won’t be able to move these pieces around and you’ll still need to worry about cushions, you won’t need to worry about the security or storage of the furniture itself.

In most cases, a built-in bench offers extra seating and is paired with lightweight movable patio furniture. This allows for some flexibility in available seating while also adding a functional item to your deck or patio. Benches are also often multifunctional and include storage, which is convenient for storing cushions and other patio-related items.

Whether your patio is large, small, indoor, or outdoor, these patio furniture trends for 2023 will give you plenty of ideas to liven up your patio or for adding or updating your patio furniture.