7 Creative Ways to Repurpose Pallets for Your Home Decor

April 6, 2021

Pallets may be useful in bulk shipping and storage in warehouses, but they are also useful in home decor. Pallets can be incorporated into your home decor in many ways to provide a rustic, craftsman, or farmhouse look and feel. Whether you decide to buy manufactured options, commission something custom from a woodworker you like, or DIY, here are some creative ways to repurpose pallets for your home decor to inspire you:

1. Create an Outdoor Daybed for Your Patio or Deck

Not only are pallets a great way to subtly incorporate natural wood into your custom home, but they are also sturdy. This makes them a great base for several types of furniture. One of the creative ways to repurpose pallets for your home decor is to turn them into outdoor furniture.

A popular option is using them to create an outdoor daybed or lounger for the patio or deck. You can leave them as they are for a raw, natural look, apply a finish to give them a more polished look, or even paint them bright, bold, and fun colors. You can even use wooden pallets for a shed foundation!

2. Make a Vertical Garden

Another one of the ways to repurpose pallets for your decor is to use them for growing plants and as part of your garden. They are a great option for an indoor or outdoor vertical garden.

Plus, pallets are versatile. In addition to a vertical garden, you can also repurpose a pallet or two into a new planter. They make a great container for a garden and can also help you create raised garden beds. You can even use them to create a garden fence.

3. Turn it Into a Rustic Headboard

If you’re going for a rustic, farmhouse, country, or craftsman interior style, you can turn a pallet into a headboard for a bed. You could even use a few of them to create a frame for bunk beds or a loft-style bed with space underneath.

4. Build a Porch Swing or a Bench

A porch swing or a bench are great ways to repurpose pallets. A porch swing can help you create an outdoor area that is comfortable and relaxing while also increasing your home’s curb appeal.

A bench can be a great addition to your porch or an outdoor area by itself or in addition to other items, like a porch swing, tables, chairs, etc. Not only can a bench provide extra seating, but it can also be built to contain a storage compartment for your convenience.

5. Construct Some Shelves

Pallets can be a great resource for constructing shelves. You can create floating shelves for a wall of varying lengths and widths to meet your needs. Another option is to repurpose the pallets into a bookshelf or some sort of cabinet. There are plenty of ways to style a bookshelf for a balance of books and decor. You can even use pallets to create storage crates and boxes.

6. Set Up a Pot Rack

Using hooks and racks are some of the most useful and versatile vertical storage ideas for your kitchen. One of the ways to repurpose pallets is to turn them into a pot rack in your kitchen. Not only does this help you use vertical storage to your advantage and free up cabinet space, but it also adds a unique element to your kitchen.

7. Add it to a Wall

Another one of the creative ways to repurpose pallets for your home decor is to add them to a wall. Pallet boards can be finished and sealed to create an accent wall or cover all of the walls in any room, including the bathroom.

Depending on the look you want, you can go for pallet boards that look relatively consistent and uniform. Or, you can opt for boards that vary in color for an interesting multicolored mix of finishes.

These are just a few creative ways to repurpose pallets for your home decor to help inspire you. Because there are so many options available, you’re bound to find something that works with your design style.

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