6 Great Garden Fence Ideas to Enhance Your Landscaping

October 14, 2021

Gardening can be a relaxing, rewarding hobby that can also enhance the landscaping of your home. A garden fence can help you contain and separate plants, create pathways throughout your yard, and more. Here are a few great garden fence ideas to help enhance and complement your landscaping:

1. Simple, Traditional Wood Complements Any Style

One of the great garden fence ideas is to keep it simple and go for a traditional wood garden fence. Not only does wood tend to complement any style, but it’s also a versatile material that you can customize into any fence you want.

You can customize fence height, shape, spacing, and more. In addition, you can choose different grains that perform well outside and different finishes as well. You can even repurpose pallets to create a fence for your garden. With a wood fence, your imagination is your limit.

2. Wicker Helps Provide a Rustic Look

A wicker garden fence can help provide a rustic look to your garden and yard. In fact, it’s one of the materials included most often in rustic garden design ideas. Bent willow is one of the most common choices for construction wicker fencing.

Generally, wicker garden fences are short and used as a perimeter to contain beds. They are a great choice for keeping plants and flowers that tend to grow and tumble over each other contained and out of pathways or lawns.

3. Metal Can Create an Elegant Style

Metal is another versatile material that can be customized into almost any shape, design, etc. for a garden fence. It can also help create an elegant, modern style in your garden. Using it as a garden fence is one of the ways to incorporate wrought iron into your home design.

In particular, wrought-iron fencing can secure the perimeter of your garden beds, create walkways, construct backyard structures, like an arbor or trellis, and more while adding a sense of elegance to your landscaping.

Depending on the design and finish you go for, a metal garden fence can complement a modern or a vintage look. Metal is also one of the best fences for dog owners if you want to match your garden fencing to your backyard fence while getting the function you need. 

4. Rope Can Enhance a Rustic or Nautical Look

Wooden posts with rope strung between them to create cables can enhance a rustic or nautical look in your garden. Because it doesn’t contain plants as well as other materials, a rope fence is more decorative than functional. But, it can still help define perimeters and pathways in your garden while complementing the rest of your landscaping.

5. Pair Wood and Metal for Added Style and Protection

Netting and chicken wire are commonly used to protect vegetable gardens from wildlife, but they often don’t look great. One way to get similar protection for your plants with a bit of added style is to pair wood and metal together. This is one of the ideas for decorating with corrugated metal and can help you get a garden fence that is both functional and elegant.

With this combination, it’s most common for the wood to be the posts and the frame while chicken wire or another flexible metal is used to cover the frame. Not only does this look better, but it also complements landscaping while offering better protection for the plants in the garden.

6. Put in a Retaining Wall

A short retaining wall or edging can be a great way to have a small garden fence, contain plants, and provide a perimeter. With this option, there are several materials available.

Small wooden or bamboo posts can create edging around your garden beds. You can also repurpose railroad ties for a bigger, thicker retaining wall. A small metal fence or a short rock wall can also be good options for edging around your garden beds.

Garden fences are ideas for outdoor living spaces and these are just a few garden fence ideas that can help enhance and complement your landscaping. The landscaping around your home can have a big effect on its curb appeal and it’s not something you should ignore when you are thinking about your dream home.

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